Whats Going On? Second grow HELP!

My seed popped out over three weeks ago and has been stuck in this stage forever. I recently upgraded my tent from a 2x2x4 with a 150 Watt LED Full Spec (approx 14 inches from seedling) to a 4x4x8 with 2000 Watt LED light hoping that will get her moving. Or, should I just start over with a new seed? Also curious if I should worry about the little bit of light bleed from the velcro, She’s in a dark room so there’s no worry about light getting in.

Alaskan Purple Fem Auto from Seedsman (germinated Mar 7th)
Fox Farm Ocean 5 gallon pot (no nutes just distilled water)
New 4x4x8 Vivosun with 2000 Watt LED

What is your watering routine? I suspect too little too often is your problem. Have you ever given the pot a good soaking?

The entire pot? No. Ive been watering every other to few days as needed using a syringe to drop it around the roots

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when I water, I use the leaves as my guide (if plants is straight). I water in a ring type shape just around the outside of the leaves (enough water to soak in down about a few inches) with maybe a quick splash at the base, as the leaves get bigger, the ring gets bigger and farther away from the stem. I do this for a week a couple weeks, then I start a more intense and complete watering and introduce nutes…

It has worked for me, the reason I do this is so the roots reach out for the water. If you only water where the roots currently are, they have no need to spread out…

I am far from an expert though, so please wait for others advice also…

What kind if soil… I’ve noticed at that size they respond much better to some humidity then watering… put a half a water bottle over the top after you water your lil bit if water… condensation should form on the bottles inside walls… then u use this as your guide when condensation begins to dry up either spray the walls for more humidity or dribble lil water in dirt… but jot having many roots sometimes they take sometime gain steam

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That’s fine for the first 7-10 days but now you need to get serious about watering. By giving just a little water in a little area around the plant there is absolutely no incentive for the roots to develop and grow. Once they reach the dry soil they dry up and die off.

You need to give the pot a good soaking until you get run off. To do it properly you need to give it about 1 liter, wait 10-15 minutes and repeat until there is run off. It’s important to do it a little bit at a time so the soil can soak up the water and swell. It will keep the water from running straight through.

There is no danger from giving your pot a good soaking, the danger comes from not letting it nearly dry out before watering again.

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Awesome and thank you!!! Starting that immediately

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FFOF soil is pretty darn hot for autos and you may have stunted it. My suggestion would be to start over as after 3 weeks most autos have begun flowering

I think after 3 weeks starting over might be what he needs, that plant is done

You are probably right, this plant will remain stunted.

It can still be used as a learning experience and he can see if he can recover it.

The whole watering with a syringe in a circle around the seedling is way over hyped. I always soak my potting medium so the roots have an incentive to grow. All it takes it letting the soil dry out just once during that first formative week and tiny happens.

Absolutely. I use a wheelbarrow and moisten my soil before placing it into pots, and generally that is more than enough for germination and a several days of growth. I found a good use for technology is to start my seeds in solo cups in my dark cabinet that has my wifi router. Stays 80 in there and my seeds all germ in no more than 48 hours

If you are anywhere less the 6 inches tall in over a gallon a dirt I wouldn’t soak soil … if they are started in these pots that’s a different story but still wouldn’t advise siatingntill you got some side branching starting to grow… once you have side branching it’s usually once the root zone becomes established and can support a larger top above the soil… usually top biomass should match below soils biomass… untill then selectively water around the drip edge… or outer ring around the outside if the leafs… once leafs hit the edge of the pot you can give a soak