What's going on odd growth x2

Ok in one of my pots there is a small mushroom growing I have my humidity and temperature consistent at 70deg to 80deg and 50 or 55% humidity I am using store bought soil and was curious if this is going to be a problem or a sign of a problem

And my second question is…

I have another plant in same tent as other 2 and I have none no Trimming or fim the lights are not low so i dont belive it is burn but i could be wrong it is just growing different than any pics I can find


Any help or information is greatly appreciated Any help or information is greatly appreciated I am still fairly greenAnd open to any help or suggestions anyone has to offer I am right at 27 days into this grow I have a total of 3 plants in the grow 2 of which have been confirmed femalesThe plant with the abnormal leaves is the only one I have yet to be able to determine sex And as always thanks in advance and happy smoking​:evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::disappointed_relieved::triumph::relieved::sunglasses:

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Did you top your plant? Your “odd” growth looks like it’s been topped, and it’s still a little small for me to tell but it looks like you have a young psilocybin mushroom there, don’t eat it just yet lol :raised_hand:. Let it get a little more mature then I can tell you :wink:

But your odd growth looks like you “topped” it and the “topping” is growing back


Yep, it does look like it’s been topped. Sometimes when a small leaf is damaged it can top itself. The mushroom is not uncommon, it happens. I wouldn’t eat it though.


Hey there @TDubWilly no I haven’t done any cropping toping fiming or any thing that’s why I was curious on what was up I haven’t seen any one on here having this problem thanks for the info and any more help is greatly appreciated and @raustin I Definitely will not be eating it lol I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t a red flag or a sign of a problem thanks again guys and if you have any more input on that odd growth please let me know

Strange, looks identical to a top, if that’s not what it is then I just plain don’t know


Well thanks a lot @TDubWilly If you know anyone that would be able to give me further Input feel free to tag them I think it’s going to be a good thing and keep the plant more bushy But I was just curious what caused it

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Yes it’s definitely not a bad thing, the plant just topped itself, so you’ll get a nice bushy growth.

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FIM top leaves were damaged at early point of developing resulting in a multi top plant usually done on purpose or accidental when trying to top hence abrev. F… I Missed :wink: FIM

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