What's going on here? Help please

Hi guys,

Wondering what’s happening to my 2 ww autos.

They have only started to take off over the last week.

I will do a support ticket when I get home from work, but if anyone has any ideas on how to get them looking perky again.

Growing in coco with perlite 70/30. Water them once every 2 to 3 days. Ph is fine. Only using 2/3rds the amount of nutrients at this age. 1 gallon smart pots

Is starting to get warm where I come from and only have one fan in the grow tent. I have a ph pen and temperature and humidity gauge in the mail. Currently using ph test with only colour as my test but looks to be around 6ish. First grow guys and I’m still impressed with what I have done.

Will update with support ticket and any other info you guys need.

Is it nitrogen toxicity? Should I flush with ph water?

Thanks people!

Curious what kind of lighting and how far from plants? Any air intake into the tent? How often with the 2/3 nutes? If I had to take a stab I’m guessing nutes - calcium low maybe. Let’s see what the pro’s say. In any case, nice job thus far! :+1:

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I’m using a 100watt x2 LED COB Light about 20cm form my plants. No airtake into the tent but it’s next to sliding door which is open all the time and have the lower panels open so it does get fresh air. Have been feeding every time I water now started with 1/3 then 1/2 and now 2/3 nutrients.
link This is the nutrients I’m using.

Cheers mate for the reply

Not familiar with that product. I did notice it was kind of a double measuring thing. First, make concentrate then use that to make what you actually feed. Just making sure you noticed that.

“Each part is dissolved into 2 liters of water in separate containers, this is your concentrate. Then 15mls of both A & B concentrate added to 1 liter of water”

I’ll let the pro’s answer better. So many experts here, it’s great.

How long have they been in the 1 gall pots? I see they are autos so what I am about to say may suck they are out growing their pots and showing starting signs of being root bound

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seams like you may be overfeeding them as well…usually don’t feed every watering when in soil

lol Coco is treated like hydro so is treated just like it light feedings every water 5.8 ph etc.

growth rates are way different


Yeah have both parts in two separate 2L bottles and now using 10ml of each.

Hi Oak thanks for the reply mate! I’m kinda thinking it could be due to over feeding. Will only water next time in a couple of days. Was thinking of doing a flush what you think? And what’s the best way to do it?

Hey Donaldj have made many newbie mistakes this is my first grow! I have only transplanted them a week ago they have taken that well. Next time will grow in what it will finish in. Chose 1 gallon because I didn’t want them growing too big for my grow tent 60x60x160cm. Thanks for the reply

Coco doesn’t store nutrients the same as soil it flushes out by simply watering with straight water until it runs through and she’s flushed

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Thanks Donaldj. That coco link is awesome :clap:

Yeah they look like they are too big for the pots.

Strain; Type, Bag seed, or NA: ILGM WHITE WIDOW AUTO
Soil in pots, Hydroponic, or Coco? Coco perlite 70/30
System type? N/A

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? 6ish

What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS n/a

Indoor or Outdoor: indoor

Light system, size? COB 100w led x2

Temps; Day, Night na

Humidity; Day, Night na

Ventilation system; Yes, Standard desktop fan

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier, none.

Co2; Yes

Hopefully some of you guys can help. It’s not because they are in small pots.

Was thinking of a flush and use some Epsom salts?

What do you guys suggest??

No idea of your temp and humidity? It might help the pro’s help you better. I assume if you knew you would have listed it but it’s a factor in growing and should be monitored.

Getting a temp and humidity gauge today in the post I hope.

Temps are around 24c daytime and around 14c night.

Humidity would be around 76% but it would be just a guess.

I run my lights on a 18/6 schedule.

It’ll be very helpful to know I think.

Your low temp seems a bit too low IMO. 14c is only 57F. Not that this is your problem but it seems a bit too chilly to me. I shoot for no lower than 65f /19c at night.

@yoshi @Oak @Oldstoner @Hammer @Paranorman guys need some help with my issue. Need the masters

@kalico I’m no master honestly just made it thru several grows that’s all and read a ton of information on growing , but I don’t know if my advice is even credible according to a few on here but maybe the other guys have better experience than me will help .

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Sorry my friend I can’t help with Coco

  • best of luck!
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