Whats everyone's opinion on fimming and topping

I’ve topped plants before but never really seen any benefit in it or maybe I’m doing it wrong

I usually top, sometimes FIM. It helps manage the plant’s height, overall growth, and I get a lot of good flowers. I don’t get one big main cola, but I do get multiple good medium sized flowers off of one plant.


You can’t really do THIS without topping or FIM’ing:



Yeah, you don’t get monsters like that without topping/fimming.

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Yeah, and for 4 hours after the curing is done, you can’t do anything!! :rofl: :joy: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Here’s one of my current girls in flower (4 weeks in.) She’s been trained quite a bit too and will produce some nice, large flowers.


And do you do it to every Cola

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I normally SCROG my plants and do a FIM (which about 50% of the time ends up being a top lol) and I top side branches once. If you overdo it you can produce a canopy the roots can’t support well which causes ‘issues’.

That plant was in Promix HP for 4 1/2 months and delivered 14+ oz of gucci flower.


I usually top 2 to 3 times in veg. Above the 4th node on the first cut and above the 3rd nodes on subsequent cuts. Be sure to leave a good bit of nub above the node where you top. The extra “stump” will help the plant develop a more solid knuckle where you have topped.


I’ve just topped and now have 4 solid stems. I’ve used the top as a cutting which is going strong. I usually supercrop rather than top so be interesting to see how it goes. I can see a definite slow down after I topped but they’re recovering now and looking good


I super crop, top and fim.

Supercrop everything as part of veg to control canopy height. Every plant.

I top 90% of all plants, yes sometimes autos as well. Ive had good results but its a tight window with autos.

Fiming i do mostly for fun. It can produce some weird shit. Sometimes it will cause cola explosions and get killer results.

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Meh…I could go either way. It depends on how it’s naturally growing. If its growing out bushy I don’t but if it’s growing straight up I don’t, to get it to bush.


Lol if it grows straight up I DO lol I tried to edit but it was too late

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Do you top/fim this once or multiple times? T

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This depends on how big the plant is going to get and the pot size. You can’t have a big plant in a small pot: lots of issues result.