What's everyone getting for yield on there auto's?

I just weighed the one big bid auto I grew and got 60.4 grams, the buds have a few more day see to dry so I will loose a few grams but that is double what I got last time I grew autos, just wondering what some of you experienced auto growers are getting for yield per plant. Thanks


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Last wwa I grew, I got around 6oz of good bud, 2oz of fluff. Time before that, I pulled close to a lb

Wow!! One pound out of an auto?? Nice!!!:grin::call_me_hand:

I got a couple grow journals around here somewhere. Just click on my name and you should be able to find them. Just got outta surgery so I in no condition to be looking

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Cool, ty good luck on recovery

I’ve only grown a few. Gotten 40 grams up to 8 ounces, all outdoors.