What's causing discoloration

I Have 4 plants in a 4x4 tent. All have identical conditions. Same seeds, sohum living soil, water and light are all the same. The strongest plant as of a week ago started to turn colors like this. All others are fine. First indication was a lighter green color. Today is 21 days in flower. Added Girl Flower Power top dress last Friday hoping it would correct. They are in 7 gallon fabric pots and are not pushing the limits of time for nutrients by size of pot… Any advice appreciatd.

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If your temps in the tent are not cold, and its not the strain your growing, my next thought is its a phosphorus deficiency.

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It’s natural, it’s called “senescence”, think trees in the fall. This is a pic of my previous grow:

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I think he too early into flower for this. He’s only 3 weeks into flower. You plants look delicious by the way.

I am aware of this but I also thought it was too early with roughly 5 weeks to go. Also I’m concerned that ALL conditions are Identical and this is the only one showing signs. I guess it could just be a hidden trait in the one seed.

Here is all of them in a full shot.

It’s the one one the back left

Temp 70-75 humidity 50-55. I would think then they should all have the signs but she is a loner. And been that way a little over 1 week. Also this is relatively new growth. So they wouldn’t start plant senescence on new growth under normal conditions?

You look much farther along. Did yours start this early? Today was day 21 in flower. And again only the one plant all done the exact same way.

You’ll usually see senescence towards the end of flower. Like when the tree leaves turn colors in the fall. It could be genetics. Since it’s only 1 plant, I would lean toward phosphorus deficiency. Give her a little extra boost next feeding and see what happens.

I’m using Sohum living soil water only pH 6.5. So no nutrients. I did add Natures living soil Girl Flower Power because I felt that also even though they claim I should not have to. But it has progressed more rather than correcting. This is my first major grow and all new equipment. So downfall is I do not know the genetics as I decided to do some unkown seeds to dial in everything. Something goes wrong I’m not loosing much but time. Everything else can be reused.

Ur plant is starting to show its colours its normal

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Thanks for the comments. She is really turning today. I’ll wait it out and see.