What's causing crinkled wrinkling leaves?

The leaves on two (of several) plants have a wrinkled pattern

I’m not sure if it’s a disease, pest, or other problem. (Usere error? lol)
Unknown strains
1.5 months old
Organic potting soil
Growing outdoors (by a very casual grower)
Pacific Northwest
2-2-2 fert added when transplanted from .5 gallon to 2.5 gallon pots
only two of several plants showing this weirdness
unknown pH - I have a TDS meter, but that’s it
I don’t own a microscope other than my 15x pocket scope
Three images from two plants

Of course, I’d like to know what’s up…which could lead to a fix.



Typically excessive nitrogen plays a role in wrinkled leaves. Not to worry though, the plant will grow out of it as she gets larger in size.

Could also be humidity or temperature related.


Thanks. I am hoping that it’s something simple and not some weird virus or bug.

Hi. In addition to the other good comments, keeping solid ph and waterIng routines as they recover are unlikely to hurt. Good luck!

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