Whats causing brown spots

I’m in day 3 of transition, the strain is unknown plant was given to me. i have brown spots on my leaves. What could be causing this problem? I’m using GH flora 3 part nut. system. First feeding of transition nuts. was 2 days ago ,which was 5ml cali magic, 2-2-2. This is what it look like.

What is your PH ?
Looks like a deficiency normally caused by PH not being between 5.5-6.5
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strain: na
soil in smart pot
system: flora 3 part, cali magic
PH runoff: na
strength of nutrient mix:na
lights: diy hood, cfls,6 2600 lums. 2700k
temps:Day 81 Night 79 degrees
humidity:Day 45 Night 44 percent

ac,humidifier, dehumidifier: na

i do not have a ph meter but i do have the GH Ph kit and i ph my nut feeding between 6.5 toi7 range

Lower that ph mate. Id go no more than 6. Were the spots there before you feed her.

@fella1451 .if it wre me id do a run or test …regardless of the ph your feeding .the nutes them selves react to what’s in the soil …By doing a run off test you’ll get a better idea what the in going ph need’s to be … Hope this helps .also do you have air movement on the plants .? the reason i say this ,is that when leave over lap they tend to sweat ,and can cause what iam seeing … hope this proves useful:smiley: Hammer .


when you say ph runoff ,do you mean to check ph level of water after feeding? As far as when did i notice the spots, i didn’t notice them before last feeding and i check my plants everyday. While i have you here what should my humidity be in trans and flower stage, right now it’s reading the lowest was 40% to 445%.

Water your plants and then measure the ph of the water runoff coming out of your pots. Most reliable way to measure ph. 6.5 runoff is what you want it at with soil

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@fella1451 ,

Is your soil alkaline or acid? Hydrangeas like acidic soil. Apply some colloidal phosphate & lava sand. Also, If your water has much chlorine it will cause browning


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@hammer It’s been 5 days since i posted about the brown spots on my leaves. It not getting better it look like its getting worse. Let tell you what I have done since my last post. I flushed 5days ago with 3 gal. plain water (tap) phed 6.0-6.5. I checked ph level and it was in the 5.0 range. Here’s a picture of my runoff,i then fed it the 2-2-2 nutrients. I have fed it once since the flush with the same amount of nutrients.Here is a picture of what my baby looks like now, as i said it look like it’s getting worse. So what else could it be?

.This was ph level after runoff.. PH level of nutrient mix

@fella1451, first off , you really need to get a digital PH,pen to read your ph accurately .as to the one you have is subject to interpretation ,and you should view it in natural light as to it reads by color …next Do ypur self a faver and get a PPM pen toal cost less then 75 us$ on Amazon.com … that aside she looks like she could use a little more nitrogen and lower temps a little bit 75-78 …
Hammer .

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@Hammer I got a ph meter Tuesday. I just fed it at 6.4. When you say needing little ore nitrogen,do you mean to add something with more nitrogen? If so what supplements do you recommend…

tell me about your nute’s .and a couple of things wash meter in between use’s with distilled water or similar. And store it wet .And get a cheap bottle of calibration fluid to keep on hand …life savers i call them :wink: Hammer

@Hammer Very simple, I’m feeding 3 part flora grow in the aggressive stage 3micro, 2 grow, 1 bloom, and 1 calimagic.

@fella1451 simple add more grow .but do carfully and what for any change good or bad …and remember damaged leaves wont regenerate .so what the new ones and the unaffected ones .within 3-5 days you should see a darkening of the leaves .and one more thing keep an eye on the run off ph till you get it stable .you may have to raise or lower your phed nutes to get a good run reading …to do this add water but not enough to run off wait 20-30 mins then add only enough to cause run off .and collect in clean container to test …if you hae a new meter double check it …most recommend soaking for a few mins before first use .then store the on distilled water .(in the cap ) also what kind of H2o do you use ?? Hammer

Hammer I use tap water let stand more than 24 hours. So instead of 3 tsp. maybe 3 1/2. When i feed i feed 1 gal of mix nuts, so feed with nuts and after 30 min. water for run off.Can i use my 24 hr. tap water to clean my meter.

Allmost missed ya Use the @ emblem and name .lol. the problem with tap is its unknown ppm .and you don’t have to let stand unless it’s chlorinated .?. Add 4 to start with and monitor … yes to the run off .and no on the tap water …buy a bottle of distilled or R.O water to clean and store . AND do ypu have test solution ??mmm :wink: Hammer

@Hammer Okay we are getting there, work with me,lol. What is test solution? Yes it’s chlorinated. Is it still ok to use tap when feeding? Just want to say thanks for your help

@Hammer Forgive me, are you talking about the bottle of drops that come with the ph up and down solution. I do have a little left.

@fella1451 .That’s what were here for LOL .Calibration fluid is for testing or setting your ph&PPM meters .Ph test solution can be had on amazon.com for about 5-6 dollars and come in 4.1- 6.0 or 7.0 i believe .you dip you pen in the solution for few seconds and make sure your pen reads the same as the bottle .if not Calibrate the pen . let you water set 2-3 days before using uncovered .
Hammer .