What's a good photoperiod strain that wont grow too tall for an indoor grow?

Need a strain that wont grow to tall inmy indoor tent


Some strains can be shorter; however, there isn’t all that much of a difference between strains. Plant height is better managed by training and when you flip the plant. If you want a short plant, then get yourself a photoperiod plant, learn about topping, FIMing, and supercropping, and flip the plant to flower more quickly.


Sounds good,thanks

I topped and lst’d the whole way but I managed to keep my entire photo stock to 2’ and under so far and there’s sativa in there.


How To Low Stress Train (LST) Hemp - YouTube


San Fernando valley og was the most non stretching short squat plant I ever ran. It only got about 30” tall and as soon as it flowered it never stretched another inch. This was outdoor in my living soil raised beds. The plants there are usually form into multihead bushes 5-7 feet tall.

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Hello look into low stress training and topping or fimming main stock after 6 nodes you can manipulate lateral growth making the branches go sideways then up when u flower!!!

Girl scout cookies extreme is a good strain and will get good yield short and wide
Happy growing!!

ILGM Super Skunk has minimal, if any, stretch when going into flower.

As was pointed out above we’ve figured out ways around height through training.
Say you have a 2x4’ tent, by doing a true SCRoG you can effectively grow a 4’ tall plant that’s 18" “tall”.

In short, no pun intended, height of the plant is completely up to the grower and less so to the plant.

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Pretty much any indica dominate strains or full indica like hashplant or kush. Anything with afghan in it will do…

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Bubblegum is a good short plant.


Thank you all for your advise

The shortest ILGM strain I have grown so far and was also a very nice smoke has been Gorilla Glue.