Whatcha think? Frosty but no amber yet!

Today is 8 weeks of flowering. Was hoping to harvest in 2 weeks at the latest. But still do not see any amber in the trichomes.S20190923_0007 S20190923_0021 S20190923_0028 S20190923_0032 S20190923_0048


Looks like they are starting to cloud up. Another week maybe 2. But keep checking everyday, they can change over night

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me be jealousy…:wink:

nice masses of trichomes

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@cmichphoto Yeah I see a lot of clear like @HornHead said a little longer do you have a picture of the whole plant?

@Hogmaster This is a picture of my largest girl…she has 15 colas, She drinks about a gal of water a day!

The next Pic is my grow room Lemons on the left…Blackberry Kush on right.

Here are 2 of my Blackberry Kush.


Chop them when they get cloudy. Every day you wait after you risk getting bud rot. Just my humble opinion :v:

Maintaining room humidity @ 41%. Keeping my ladies dry. I’d like to harvest for optimum medicinal purposes. My Ladies will all become oil. :v:

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Super Lemon Haze…can’t wait to try her.