Whatcha think, All Balls?


Trying to help a buddy out sexing his bagseed outdoor plants. Before I tell him to kill em all I wanted some expert opinions…


Unfortunately that is a boy plant.


Yup yup, he’s gotta go.


Thanks guys.

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Yes Boy

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Nanners… nanners as far as the eye can see! :laughing:

Unfortunately that is a male.

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He needs gone brother will kill the females off

Yup that boy has a lot of balls so. Put time to get rid of my friend


Why not just isolate the male and grab the least performing female and pollinate? That way u create a lil of ur own strain

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Balls said the Queen if I had them I’d be king🤷

My condolences, I know too well how much it sucks to care for a plant and it turn out to be a male. One of the very reasons I bought seeds from ilgm this year.

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