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Actually I prefer the racecar analogy. We could put regular gas in it and drive it to pick up grandma but it’s meant to go 200 mph. Same thing with the cannabis strains we’re using. We could throw seeds in dirt in the yard or do what we do. Keep in mind however that like a racecar, these plants are on the edge all the time. Growers are pushing the envelope to produce more of what they want and stress is how to induce that last little bit (as you well know, obviously haha).

Just sayin’.


Pruning up is different from thinning. Look at @TDubWilly picture with the drill. That’s as opposed to opening up the canopy. Something that I heartily endorse doing if bud rot is an issue. Because at that point you’re in deep doodoo.


Lol, good analogy

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Yes, did I miss something, I thought @Sirsmokes was talking about thinking from the top down, not the other way around

This would be thinning from the top down…

By thinning from the ground up you are trying to accomplish a completely different set of goals than trying to let light past the top of the canopy and into the middle of the plant…


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I was replying to his comment after your power drill haha.

The other reason to leave them is they are a source of nutrients for the plant in late flower. Also, any pruning runs the risk of disease. All of which should factor in.

I only start seriously removing them a week or so before harvest just because it’s a PITA all at once haha.


Yes, this is true

Leave them alone and put side lights on them. I made the over-trimming mistake on my first grow and I won’t make it this time. Maybe buy a bunch of LED spots. Remove the diffuser and a couple of those cheap bathroom fixtures that hold 6 lights. I’m an electronics guy so I’m making mine out of 110v driverless COBs.

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May I ask what happened to your plant from over trimming @skgrower

Normally, when there is a method to the trimming madness, it doesn’t shock the plant to much, but there are always exceptions.

2 oz yield on a plant that should have produced 8.

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Right on, I was just curious. It all really depends on allot of factors, this guy was “lollipopped” along with some supercropping. His buds really began to fatten up after the lollipop. He was grown small and kept small the whole time, 2’ or so. He produced almost 4oz, even with that teeny stem lol, not a huge yield but I felt like lollipopping helped him a little.

But you’ll notice, I never went overboard, just a little trimming to allow extra airflow, soil to dry, and to push her energy towards the top


Yours looks like a bush. Mine looked like corn stalks.

I got big buds like you, but only 4 per plant.
I lollipoped too much.


@skgrower that’s one of those zen deals where you have to let the plant tell you what it wants haha! Funny thing is: it’s kinda true! My second grow was the hardest because I hadn’t internalized all of this information and really worked with it. Now it’s fun.

Never thought I’d be a gardener lol.


It was a helluva lot of work for 14oz, spent $5,000 including solar for a perpetual grow. I know I’ll get better this time. I come from Farmers on my mother’s side. I hope it rubs off on me. I’m already seeing what not to do (over water).


I bet you not only get better, I bet you get allot better. Your plants are a healthy green, it sounds like you have a desire to do really well and come from a farming background. In fact, if that’s your first grow, your kicking A. If I was to give you just one piece of advice growing indoors, it would be to learn the power of an even canopy, especially through veg…

I’m almost willing to bet you that that is probably the only major difference between our plants. Hell, we both water, we both give light, ventilation, nutes, etc…
Just in veg, anytime one little branch would stick his head to high, I would be there to take him down a little.

Are you running cfl only? Because they produce big fluffy buds not dense buds that could be part of the issue because your plants lok very nice and healthy

@skgrower I might suggest the following for an inexpensive side/under canopy light/lights


Not showing as it should but follow the link to a set of inexpensive LED lights perfect for putting under the canopy or as side lights or both.

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I have 3 300w galaxy hydro one on top and one on eavh side

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So I believe I got side lights covered

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@Sirsmokes that is good. Just making suggestions for any who might be following this thread. Good luck on your grow.