What you wanted to know But didnt know who to ask

Hi everyone i thought since am not growing right now i thought that i should atleast keep up to date with things etc.
So i thought about doing a topic like this Q&A about things to do with growing that are myths or tried and tested methods etc. Since i have found lately a few Statements from a long time friend who like myself loves the bush. However we clash with alot of growing methods or just basic know how etc. For Example.

Q.1 is it true if you burn your bud once cured, will the colour of Ash aid or even tell you if youve flushed the product properly.

Q.2 real growers dont use nutrients for growing or you cant u use nutrients for growing.

These are just 2 questions that i seem to encounter from in my opinion older generation around me at the moment, and i hate sounding like a no it all or show off etc but it pains me when i come across stubborn or ill informed
or bad information. And alot dont trust the internet even though the books i read etc are able to buy in any book shop that specializes in growing etc. Plus some of the older generation can be i guess in a way ignorant to new methods and processes.
I truely hope nobody is offened by any of this as it is not my intention to cause anyone any type of upset or stress this is for information gathering purposes so i can better learn more and also help educate those who arent sure of methods and process aswell as durations for strains etc.
Anyway my friends i thought as you all
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Q3. You shouldnt taste a great bit bush, but you can smell it. (Myth or Not). Is another thing.

Hey @mikos good to see your still around. Your 1st question is interesting. I’ve read this very thing some where. Love to hear more on this subject.

2nd ? … The plants need these nutients to thrive. They’ll take then from the soil or you can supplement them. So I do not see it as a do you use nutes or not. The plants want them.


Thanks and i agree. I read so much i forget more than i remember however am sure it was on a post that i read and am sure it was liked to Ilgm but dont quote me on that as i subscribe to various grow magazines and websites. I will add other intresting things that anyone can help prove or dis prove or just a good old chat about preference rather than ryt and wrong. Since i think there isnt a wrong way there just other ways at reach your goal and growing your best bud yet lol. So feel free to comment and add to the topic. Thank you all my friends.

You should ask them when the last time they grew, their answer will tell you what you need to know about them.
But even with growers with a back ground of growing are going to have a different point of view no mater what.
Knowing how to grow and knowing your plants are totally different.
Just these past two years things are starting to come full circle for me as to knowing how the plant tic’s. getting to know how it operate’s or grows. Hell I used to grow 20 plants now I don’t even grow half that and still get the same yield So just think if I grew 20 now !! No room sorry.
So ya go ahead and do what your planning on doing and I’ll be wright here and mite just climb in.



Hey everyone sorry been away had alot badluck with family and there health.