What you guys think.? They are sexy arent they

I lost two along the way im very bummed. I am now down to 1 super skunk and 2 big buds. The big buds are massive. And the smell is amazing. Thank god for charcol filter. Holy. I flipped them on the. 4-27 and started pre flowering on 5-10. I have some mid grade lights on them i used on some other grows that actuallu work pretty well. They are all miemclux led and have made some nice dense buds. But this time i have 2000 on one plant 3000 on anothrr and 4000 on the biggest one i cant wait to see the yeild


Very nice :+1:


@Wanna-be-a-farmer You ain’t no wanna-be no mo!!! Good haul Farmer!!

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Simply gorgeous bro

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Thanks peeps. They have a good chunk of time left so now its the exciting part sit back and watch them get fat and put on weight .