What you all think


Let it go a couple more weeks or start chopping

Have a look and give me your thought's
Is it done I don’t think so

close up of a top dont know if its done but i think so…


I zoomed in on your bud, if it were mine, I think I would let her go a shade longer, of course I have a tendency to change my mind constantly at harvest time :grinning:


Pretty bud though


This is the top it came off of its Crystal…




In love with Your bud


Almost 2 lbs off these


I’m in the same boat…
Can’t start my own, so I’m leaching off of yours as mine is also Crystal… DWS hydro, started pure water on 12/28 (which was also 65 days from the 12/12 switch)… How close am I?


Looks good I would give it two more weeks looks good three if not in a hurry ,kind of hard to tell when your not there but I think you be happy when ever you decide to chop chop


My new grow


Nice!! Looks good…