What Ya'll think? Male or Female

I’ve never had a male before and this is my first grow. I have several plants and waiting my first harvest. So please let me know

Looks male to me.


Agree. Looks male


I had to look twice but agree: male.


I can’t tell the “bananas” from the ca…however you spell the pregnant looking female parts very well lol. They look similar to me. I will look them up to spot the difference. The main thing I see on this one is the cluster whereas it seems the females only have one or two on a nose. Is this mostly correct?

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Yes, a swollen female calyx in the usual preflower locations is usually singular and has a couple pistils coming out of the top of the “cone” while males will show a cluster of little grapenuts. Easiest way to tell sex is looking at the preflowers, does it like a little singular green traffic cone with a couple white hairs sticking out of the top - female, does it look like it’s developing a cluster of grapes - male, even before the cluster begins, the male preflower has the ball and stick look as well. @Zee


Fe male
I think your plant is a dude sadly. Unless you want to breed it with a girl plant?

I’m kinda at odds. I asked around since I feel bad about killing it lol but same time I want to try my hand at cross breeding especially this Wicked White Widow I got from a friend. I’m unsure if he normally has that same strain or not since we just legalized growing here. Unsure of how he’s been acquiring seeds; most of them just not as consistent.

If I cross breed I as well wont know If I will be getting those same genetics haha unless I have two same strains. Oh man my poor head. Plus I want to see the Max of this plant can offer lol. She bout 5ft 10 and still has 4 weeks to go possibly.


Will try to keep this image in my head so I can remember, thanks. I really thought that this one was male also since it just looked different from my other plants.

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I feel ya, I just hacked a 9 foot tall male Johaar. I left a couple feet and some small leads to see if I can shock a flower or 2 out of it, but its a sativa and I also have Afghans, they will likely bud before the sativa. If I had a male Afghan I may have held off on it but…

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Breeding seeds to produce consistent plants takes material and time. That doesn’t even account for the additional time it takes select for qualitative criteria. And if you can’t actually get laboratory testing, qualitative metrics are about all you have.

Expectations surrounding seed performance really need to be adjusted, IMO.

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I will have to save up for that. I really want to get into it with competent and experienced growers. Eventually want to create something special for the islands