What wrong iwth. her

What’s wrong with my weed plant her leave.burnt what could it be??

Looks to be nutrient burn.
Fill out the support ticket. It will help in diagnose your problem. Here is the link


B Safe

I agree looks like nutrition burn, if mine get any kind of burn of course accept from the sun than I give them camg2 only a tsp. And it helps balance it back it out plus help with leaf foliation and it’s a 0-0-0 eating so you don’t risk burning any worse and causing more damage than what has been done.

HOW DO I FIX THIS problem???

Take it you didn’t use the links I sent you.
Both links should say how to fix your problem


Try camg2 mix 1 tsp with a gallon of water and it’s 0-0-0 used to balance out the nutritions that’s what I use that is if your available to it, and that’s my opinion you’ll have 70% to 100% success. It doesn’t add any nutrients and helps produce nice health foliage, I’ll try to upload a picture. I have only have it to her once when her leaves started to die off and fold over and it fixed her by the next day.