What would you mix with pro-mix organic?

I decided to run fox farm trio, calmag, blackstrap molasses.
Do I need to add anymore perlite to this?

Would you suggest anything else in conjunction?

I really want to get some frosty nugs and recommendations?

Is your attempt to grow organic?

Not necessarily

For me that would be enough drainage as is. Even just pure coco I don’t add perlite. But I haven’t used this type of medium long. I don’t know why one would want more drainage than you already get. Unless you’re using an auto watering system, to dial it in.

I would add some silica to your feed and if real froggy some tribus. Tribus isn’t cheap tho, but worth every penny.

Tricomes are made of silica, so is the strength of the stems increased with it.

The is the recipe I used.
I started with PRO-MIX all purpose mix.

  • Canadian sphagnum peat moss 80-90%
  • Peat humus
  • Perlite
  • Limestone (ph adj)
  • Mycorrhizae - PTB297 Technology

then followed Dr Bugbee’s recipe
Dr. Bruce Bugbee, Utah State University
Grow Media
From Maximizing Cannabis Yields video

50% peat (ph of approx 3.8)
50% vermiculite or perlite (brings combination to 4.5 ph)
40g dolomitic lime / cubic foot (reduce or eliminate because PRO-MIX is ph adjusted)**
10g gypsum (pelletized calcium sulfate) / cubic foot

20-10-20 peters special peat blend
.6 grams per liter (1.3 EC solution)
**I did 50% or a little less

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Dr. Bruce Bugbee makes my head hurt. Sooo much good info.

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You don’t feed anything other than peters 20-10-20? I’m thinking of switching from hydro to this to cut some cost.

I actually use Jack’s 321. Dr. Bugbee apparently just uses 20-10-20. That seems way to simple doesn’t it?

Indeed it does. I picked up some jacks 20-10-20 and used it in my vegetable garden this year (getting great results) , but obviously cannabis is different.