What would you do with a bunch of short Zkittlez?

Looks good even if you don’t get the trellis use some clips on the side so the pot and some wire and spread them out you will get a lot more yield some
LST training


Thanks for the encouragement! I’m actually just about to start a lst treatment now. I did a tiny bit of defoliation earlier today and found the growth on the bottom is finally big enough for me to get some ties around it and pull it open a bit. Things are starting to move along a lot faster now :smiley:

Aaaaannnd, we have mites now :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

After snooping around on the web, I’m not that concerned about the mites, they’re likely good for the soil. What I am kinda worried about is, why are they here, what are they eating? I’ve been in a fight with fungus gnats for about a week now as well and I notice that #2 is always a little heavier than the rest on days I water. Could I be getting a moldy pocket of soil in there that’s feeding all these bugs? Would skipping a watering on #2 until she’s not as heavy be worth a try?

Forgot to mention that #2, the heavy one, always has the most bugs when I pull them out to spray them down.

Well, they’re looking good, they really want to be bushes rather than trees though.

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They started showing sex with first pistils 3 days after lights flipped. Now they’re stacking bud sites. Still not very tall but there’s a lot going on under those fan leaves.