What would you do, is it time to harvest?

First grow, outdoors, mixed bag seeds. Germinated 4-months ago. SE Michigan. All in all my plants have done quite well considering my late start, however with the decrease in sunlight and colder temperatures coming, it appears the process has slowed. I’m not sure what to do… My goal was to achieve peak trichome development, but I don’t think I’m quite there yet :woman_shrugging:t3: My plants are in a mini greenhouse that I zip up at night then reopen during the day. What would you do? Should I harvest them now or continue letting them go?


It’s subjective, but I’d let them go longer in hopes of finding amber. Can you do anything to increase the temperature?


Would it help if I left the greenhouse closed up during the day?

Yes. Absolutely. You want a small amount of ventilation though, all the same. Are there vents?

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Ok, I’ll try that, thank you. The tent itself doesn’t have any vents, just the front that opens up, however the ‘table’ they are sitting on has open slats,