What would you class Sunshine#4 as?

The thought crosses my mind the more I research that I have been in the dark all these years treating Sunshine mix #4 as a soil? ph’ing like it’s dirt with all the educated and skilled growers here should be some thoughts on this? Is it a soil or would a person get better results treating it more like hydro?
Sunshine Mix say their own product is soil less any thoughts on perfect ph ?

If it is a coco based mix then treat it as hydro for the ph. My coco plants run 5.8-6.1 ph without issues. 70% coco 30% perlite is what I am using.

classic mix moss perilite etc. I shoot for 6.5 ph but wonder whether lower would be better it hasn’t adversely effected my grow but wonder if a change would speed growth lmao?

One way to find out! Try 6.2 and see what happens :smile:
I started one plant straight in the coco mix and other in rockwool out of curiosity and so far the seed straight into soil is 2 nodes ahead.

Practice make’s perfect - that’s the fun of it trying new things !!! Marijuana is a very hard plant to kill and can take a lot of abuse - which is good. So not to worry !

I looked around sunshine’s website to see exactly what it is made of and I think I know why 6.0 to 6.5 is working so well for you @Donaldj.

As far as I can tell scrounging through their website and they say their mix has a range of about 5.5-6.5

Scrounging around some more, one of their moderators seemed to imply the best range for #4 is about between 6.0 and 6.5, this might be due to the dolomite lime amendment.

And what I know of soil-less media that is mixed with some soil like amendments, the best pH is a little above pure soil-less mix and is best about a target pH of about 6.2


I am currently shooting for 6.2 also added some myko and molasses to see it’s effect just found at 6.4-6.5 slower growth rates then when my run-off’s are measuring 6-6.2 range. This prompted my research and question Growing Purple kush indica dom. and Jack herer sativa dom. The jack seems to like the slightly lower ph range made me wonder lol :slight_smile:

Thanks guys for the input will let you know what I find
and Merry Christmas

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I run thru straight through hydro beads, forgot the name, this green crack got me bent, started in rock wool , tap water which has been completely stabilized,and ph of 5.8. I feed her only Ionic , grow, bloom, pK boost, early on I use a mild 1-0.5-1 root enhancer. My first time ever doing dwc hydro, but have experience with tropical fish tanks, almost two in the same. Been in dirt outdoor and indoor for longer than I can remember. I’m in love with deep water culture.

Nice root mass starting but this topic was started about Sunshine mix I get the enthusiastic pride in your success in hydro but do you have any opinions on the topic at hand? Or are you wishing to convert me to the DWC side :wink:

It’s my first try at dwc. I’m actually following the forum to observe and learn what is really producing highest quality marijuana. I’ve had amazing results thru the years in soil alone. I’ve never used sunshine#4. I have always used a super soil mix w perlite or something. Sorry if off topic, I’ll look it up now. I’m going to let my fem photo fill up top some more then flower her pretty small to manage and control my first time dwc. Later