What would you choose - GGA or Northern lights


I’m starting a late season outdoor grow in the northeast. Unfortunately I lost my gorilla glue auto to mold due to a dumb mistake on my part. I’m not looking to grow a tree. If I can get a couple ounces I’d be super happy.

I germinated my last blue dream auto seed one week ago and I don’t think it’s going to take. So I’m either going to germinate a gorilla glue auto or northern lights photo. Given how late it is in the season, which one would you pick?


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Prolly just the auto…but depending where you are and how well you’re set up…maybe both :grin::call_me_hand:t2:Good luck

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Did the seed pop a tail yet u dont think is gonna work. If not still a seed change water add a cap full of peroxide to the water mix put seed in a paper towel and soak the paper towel with the peroxide water. Have it all wet not in a puddle. Put on a plate and put the plate on something warm a router cpu. Anywhere thays warm. Heat will help soften the shell. If they dont seem to crack for ne ill take a needle and run it along the spot where shell would split to try and get it started without hitting insides. If water cannget inside to the sprout ull be good as it should start to grow. Maybe the shells not allowing any water to the inside

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A couple of things that might factor into your decision.

Northern is an indica while GG is a hybrid. They willl have differing terpine profiles too, but I don’t know the difference. You can probably find that somewhere online.

Personally I would grow the northern, but what I would choose isn’t really relevant. I like indicas.


@Mark0427 i germinated in water with a little peroxide and the seed split with a tiny bit of tap root popping out in 24 hours. I then put in coast of Maine seed starter soil. It should have sprouted by now. I’ve had issues with all of my blue dream auto seeds. Will probably go digging (carefully) tomorrow to see if it’s still viable.

@MidwestGuy i don’t discriminate. Love indica, sativa and everything in between. I’m thinking they’ll both yield similar quantities and will be similar to grow in terms of difficulty. The GGA flowered after 3 weeks in my last grow and I’d guess that the northern lights photo will flower by mid-August or so since I’m in the lower part of the northeast USA. Kinda leaning towards the northern lights too.