What would happen if I took my plants from an 18/6 schedule to 24/7 on?

I haven’t done it. Just wondered if it would produce negative side effects.

I don’t think it would cause a problem but if I were to do it I would do it slowly like add an hour every few days until you get to 24

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I did it. Girls were 18:6 on my desk until I got the grow closet set up. Now they are 24:0 until I get my 3 prong timer in. I am doing everything Amazon since we our State is headed towards stay at home again.

Yea I’m in Chicago we started restrictions this week so amazon or curbside for me.

Nothing negative or positive other than higher energy bills.


I go with the field of thinking they need 4 or in my case 6 hours rest in darkness.


If you can give them 800 µmol m-2 during veg then you could run 16hrs on and 8hrs off. You’d hit a DLI of 46. Running them beyond their DLI just makes them droop and you’re just wasting energy on light that they’re not doing anything with.


There’s a guy that has been running a 12/1 schedule that is very interesting and works. I haven’t read the article in a while so I might have the numbers wrong I’ll include the link below. The schedule is something like 12 on 5.5 off 1 on 5.5 off and you do this daily it breaks up the 12 off with 1 on to avoid the start of flower yet saves you 5 hours of electricity. He’s been doing this for a long time with some amazing results.


You need to have good lights to do so. I run 6on/2off schedule.


Thank you all for the info. I have a few cuttings I’m hoping to root in the same tent so figured I would keep the lights on. Plus my other plant needs to grow a while before I can flip to 12/12. I ran my light for 24 hours with my autos and oddly enough didn’t consumed as much as I thought I would. Probably my light specs are full of bs.

Since these are photos I wanted to be safe.

As long as you don’t give your photos 12 hrs of uninterrupted darkness you’re good to go


Thank you!

I might actually try what you suggested and going 16/8. I have noticed they’re dropping way more like you said at about an hour from when the lights shut off.

It’s an A1Yola from exotic genetixs and mandarin cookies v3. She’s the little one

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Probably have to transplant the big one into a 7 gal pot because roots are coming out of the bottom.