What would be the best daytime, energetic Strain?

Like a lot of members here, cannabis has helped me deal with the pains of a lifetime of hardship on my body. With cannabis, I was able to kick off the bad opioid habit (prescribed medication) I had. Now I’m back to work and trying to keep things comfortable but clear!

I know everybody reacts differently to cannabis, but, what would be your preferred strain to consume during the day. I also know that that info is in most of the seeds bank descriptions, but I would love to have the unbiased opinions of the real users! Hunting for that elusive strain can be quite expensive after a while, that’s why I’m asking! :nerd_face: :wink:

Long story short : What is your favorite day-time strain and why?


Durbin poison is 100% sativa. Bruce banner 80%


Out of likes again, but thank you!

I already have some Bruce Banner #3 and loving it.
Are you saying that, for you, the Durban Poison have a better daytime “kick”? :face_with_monocle: :thinking:

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Yes. Durban poison. Maui Wowie is pretty good too.



I had some Maui Wowie from the SQDC (Quebec’s dispensaries) and I was far from impressed…
I am guessing that it’s a lot better when grown with love…


Always w/ :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: @kaptain3d

Green Crack!


Sour Diesel (ILGM) is 90% sativa. I would be looking at high sativa strains. I love the Hazes: I’ve done Purple Haze and Thai Haze and they both deliver a good daytime high. Girl Scout Cookies but some people react adversely to it. Green Crack is a good one.

You just have to try different strains to find out what works best for you.

Thanks @blackthumbbetty , I was wondering about that one!

That one is one my wishlist!

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Yes, I love the Sativas! My problem is that now, I became so tolerant to THC that I have to keep a few different strains going just to be able to mix it up and keep it effective!
And now with all the crazy strains on the market, you also have some Indicas that would fit the bill perfectly! :wink: :nerd_face:
I just need to find them !!!


Well the Hazes are only 60/40 and heavy yielding: might be a good choice. And as you’ve found out; mixing different strains can keep the effects fresh. I do the same thing.

My recommendations exactly.

I’m currently growing Green Crack. Hopefully it will work. Never tried it. Time will tell.

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GSC depends on the phenotype, I don’t recommend it, unless you’re kind of an active person.
Durban Poison I’ve tried, that’s a excellent one.
Maui Wowie is another excellent choice. Pineapple Haze.

I would like to add Super Lemon Haze,
Blue Dream, from the ones I’ve tried.
Fire OG believe it or not has sativa like effects for me, but you can feel the indica in it too. Don’t have too much, or it’ll take you down. Lol.

A few on my list to grow but are sativa are Trainwreck, Jack Herer, Malawi, and Sour D. Those are supposed to be somewhat energetic.

Great question kapt’n3d. I’ve had a heavy construction career then at 60 I got hit by a pickup while riding a bike. One HELLOFA concussion. Oxycontin was sapping the life out of me and had to stop it.

So I’m looking for the same thing you are. Bag-weed works better Oxy but it’s hit and miss. Lately a lot more misses and wasted money.
On the search for the one. |

I was thinking Trainwreck would be a good place to start?

Personnaly, the OG kush by ILGM did me a world of good.
Last run I tried some LSD, Bruce Banner #3 and Power Plant.
Both the LSD and Bruce Banner #3 are excellent daytime strains imo. But I am always hunting for the holy grail. Like @Scotty17 says : gotta catchem all!!! :wink:

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I tried a green dream recently , it picked me up pretty good! The flava, aroma alone were :sunglasses::+1: sooo smooth, but I smoke allot of indica for sleep and to keep my hyper self a lil more tolerable to others :wink:


Based on many strain reviews and forum discussions I’ve read, the most popular energetic strain by far is Green Crack.

Had some pineapple diesel the other day. Good day time smoke

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Super Silver Haze has been my daytime smoke for the last few years.