What would be better for growing indoor marijuana....feminized seeds or auto flowerimg seeds?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

What would be better for growing indoor marijuana…feminized seeds or auto flowerimg seeds? I would be really grateful if you gave me your opinion, thank you.

Either works well indoors
You can harvest a little faster growing autos then photos and autos tend to stay smaller then photos as well which is why many choose to grow them indoors
Youll yield more off a photo if you train and veg them properly
I personally grow both indoors at the same time
I perfer photos myself but enjoy the faster flowering time of the autos which is why i have a couple going every grow
Your setup is also important indoors
If given the proper environment and attention
Youll be successful either way
Join us here so we can help guide when needed
What strains are you considering?
Happy growing CB


Have you considered auto flowering fem’d ?