What would be better, complete kit or pieces together

Wanted to ask some more experienced growers if it would be better to piece together a grow set up or buy a complete kit with lights and everything included? Budget would be around 700.

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I would buy items independently. Kits often include components that are of inferior quality. This is particularly true with lighting, which is arguably the most important part of the investment you will buy.


Yep, kits generally have a crappy light and cheap and noisy exhaust fan, can do much better piecing together quality components.


Ok, that’s what I figured. Any recommended equipment that would fit in this budget. Wanted to start researching and put something together. Thank you


Let’s start with the grow tent, what size tent are you thinking about and then we can suggest a good light and other equipment.


I would like to get a 4x4 tent. Plan on growing at least 4 at a time.

My suggestion for lighting would be 2 HLG 260 XL Rspecs for a 4x4. There are bigger lights available, but 2 260s will provide as much light as a bigger one and having 2 lights gives you the flexibility to move them around as needed.

Go with AC Infinity for exhaust fan. A 6 inch fan will get the job done in a 4x4. The best carbon filters are made by AC Infinity or Phresh. They are expensive, but worth it if smell is a concern.

A few smaller fans, a decent tent,. pH and PPM meters are pretty much mandatory too. You will probably go over your budget, but it’s better to buy good stuff up front and be done with it. Just about all of us that tried to go inexpensive have eventually picked up the good stuff at some point anyway.

You can put off some of the spending if you can get away with one light and only grow 2 plants for the time being. You can add more components as you grow.

Whatever you do, don’t buy an Amazon burple light. Make sure that you get a light built with Samsung LM301 series diodes.


Well for an exhaust fan I would recommend an AC Infinity fan. You might be able to get away with a six inch, but to be sure, I’d spring for the 8 incher

They are quiet and powerful

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This for sure :point_up_2:

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Speaking from experience, (or lack of) don’t buy a kit. I replaced pretty much everything but the tent during my first grow. You have some great suggestions up there^^^, these guys won’t lead you wrong. I just wish I would have found ILGM before I made my expensive mistake.

Ok thank you guys for the help. I’ll start looking into it…so happy that I found this community, everyone is so helpful and the knowledge shared is :ok_hand:t3:.

I got started watching Black Dog LED grow videos and used their kit list to figure out what I needed. I will admit they went a little overboard. I have not used the mesh drying rack and the temp & humidity controller is still in the box. I went with an online vendor and negotiated a package price. I am happy with how things turned out. Other than the two items mentioned I still use everything. The main items are lights, lights, tent, fan & filter.


Absolutely pieces. No kit!! :blush::blush:


Buy a good tent from vivosun or marshydro and get ur self a good inline fan im using vivosun there good u want to get a quantum board LED light dimmable but the light is going to depend on what size tent u buy marshydro have se good lights so do spider farmer and theres other companies that have good lights at good prices

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Not sure of your space size but I would buy a Horticulture Lighting Group (HLG) lamp. Superior lighting produces superior buds. As for pairing the lamp to your space size somebody here will dial you in.

Go ahead and do yourself a favor and buy Infinity exhaust with controller. These are your two most important purchases…IMO

Lots of Grow Tribes here. Can be done on the cheap, or you can buy every gizmo to grow with. However you choose you will be saving alot of Cash and you’re a smoking a known product only touched by you.

Welcome to the Forum Fun.

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Sorry, total noob here, but what is a burple light?

Is it a brand, or simple refers to those lights that make the entire grow area look purple, or what?