What wire for Qb

So i did a quick search and well…here i am asking…can i use a 18 gauge solid copper core thermostat wire to set up one qb132 to a meanwell lpf-60-36?? Thanks in advance! OnE LoVe

My QB304’s were shipped with 20 gauge wire (smaller than 18). Should work just fine as long as it fits in the wire connectors.

Short answer… Yes.

But I am an OCD over-engineer from way back, so I will be building my QB-324 using 12 or maybe even 10 AWG, since I already have it. All connections will be crimp/soldered.

Why? Mostly because I can, but also larger wire reduces overall resistance and soldered connectors do too… as well as being less prone to mechanical failure.

But again… I do most everything to excess… but my stuff never breaks/fails due to my work. :wink:


Yeah, i have been running a qb 320 xl with 3 288 v2 boards this last run but bought as the diy and wasnt sure of size. A little Googleead me to the wire in question.

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Thanks for the info!!

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@dbrn32 should be the one to ask but I was directed to use 300 V hookup wire. Remember the output voltage not to be messed with. I would not use anything other than what is recommended.

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That’s a 36v driver, you would just want to check current rating, but should be plenty good.

In DC circuits it’s always better to use a heavier gauge wire. They don’t overheat and fail as easy.

Rated to 150v i think it will be fine

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