What will these seeds grow?

I’m trimming my auto Amnesia Haze and I come across these in the lower branches:

The plant may have self seeded towards the end of it’s life cycle I figure. But it should be noted that a male plant was discovered and removed from the premises a long time ago I doubt it infected this plant but I’m not sure. And there’s no way of really knowing that right.
In any case, my question really is are these seeds of quality? If both of their potential parents are I don’t see why they wouldn’t be. But what do I know.

Some of the darker coloured seeds might be viable. If they are a result of self seeding they will carry all of the genetic traits of the mother but they will be likely to produce random male flowers as well. If they are a cross of the removed male they will be regular hybrid photoperiod seeds. The cross with the male is most likely to be more stable than the self seeded cross.

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Thanks. Fascinating. I hope it was the male then. Why not use the seeds I think.

OK question number two. When I had that male in my posession I thought I’d save it’s pollen. I cut off its sacs, before they started opening. Did I screw up by putting those in a jar in the freezer?

I have tried to get pollen from unopened sacks but I have had no success . I believe its not viable until the sack has opened naturally.

Drats. I’m going to try anyway even if the odds are totally against me. World peace may depend upon the strain the people called… Amnesia Candy.
Now in theaters.


Definately cant hurt to try . Its great fun coming up with names for your own weed.

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