What % Will the northern lights i got here stretch during flower?

I bought some northern lights seeds here and I’m a new grower, they’re doing great but i’ve read a lot of conflicting information. Right now it looks like to get a three foot plant i need to flower around 12-18 inches from what i’ve read but a friend also grew some he did not get here, flowered when they were 18 inches and they’re more than four feet tall, he grew outside however and i am growing indoors with a 600 watt HID. I only have 3-3.5 foot of good height i can let them grow to before my light gets too close so i was just wondering if anyone could tell me what height i should flower the specific genetics ilgm sells for northern lights fem to end up with 3-3.5 foot plants. They’re almost 12 inches now, another day or two i’m guessing. I’ve read everything from indicas will only stretch 50% to people telling me it can triple so i was just hoping to get some advice on this from the place that i got these just awesome seeds from. I’m very happy with these seeds too you guys I would and have recommended them to many people. =)


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I make the switch right after the fifth week from a sprouted plant , which gives me four full weeks of vegging . To me they are perfect size now , and would do great in a scrog screen grow .

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I have NL autos purchased here on ILGM, mine are about 46 days old ranging in size from 18-24" if that gives you an idea on the height. I’m thinking they’ll continue growing since they still have a while to go.

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Thanks guys. They’re four weeks tomorrow so i’ll probably give them one more week. These seeds must have great genetics because i’m a total noob. =)

Autos are a little different then regular seeds autos don’t grow like seeds. They don’t get as tall. Well this is what I have read.
But I think 5 is enough.

Hell Latewood just grew an auto almost 7 inches ?

Plants stretch 2-3 times their size once the bloom period is induced.

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This is my first widow and this thing is massive to what I’m use to , it’s every bit of 3 feet tall with advance led main lined manifold with 8 nodes and when I switched it sky rocket like 22 inches in 3 weeks , poor lil og Kush I had to get her a step stool so she can her share of the lights .

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I think one more week witch will put me at 5 weeks is going to put them at somewhere between 12 and 14 inches. Should be ok since i have about 3.5 feet of good growing height space.

Yeah , after week 3-5 I think that’s when they are done stretching more less another inch maybe .

Thanks guys, i switched when they were between 12 and 14 inches about 4 and a half weeks in and now two weeks into flower they’re around 26 inches and looks like they’re going to top out around the 3-3.5 foot range i was hoping for. I’ll absolutely be shopping ILGM for seeds again, if this keeps up i’m a fan for life!


Wow they look good , nice dark green leaves , keep it consistent and you will be great .

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Nice looking grow you have got going. What strains? Looks like two different kinds.

The four are northern lights fem I don’t know what the other one is, it fell out of a bud that kicked my ass though and it’s a girl.