What will I get?


I have a auto fem that’s impressing me enough to want to take a stab at producing some seed. I’ve taken a cutting that should be rooting any day now. I’ll do the Colloidal silver routine on it then mask off most of the mother plant and pollinate a couple good buds. So what will I end up with gender wise…auto fems, photo fems, a mix of both, a pony, etc.? I always wanted a pony…


ponies are kool!


Google The Definitive Colloidal silver tutorial. It’s on the afn


Thanks, @HornHead I’m pretty well dialed in on the silver end. I’ve had a commercial generator for years…interesting reading though. More interested in the likely gender of seeds I might expect per my example.


Sorry, I didn’t read all of it. I was curious myself so I googled it and found that, started getting bored with it



This will be interesting. But if it works out for ya, you’ll get fem auto seeds

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@Garyak tag me as well id like to see results


10/4…This would have been a much better idea if it had occurred to me 2 weeks earlier. May just wait for the next grow. G.


@garrigan65 @Countryboyjvd1971 While researching the silver/seed making information out there I keep seeing that the c. silver shouldn’t be sprayed until the donar plant is a couple weeks into flower. I question that as I also do when advised not to smoke or consume in any way any plant that has been silver sprayed. So, I selected a 10 day old WW auto and began spraying it am & pm to test. 1st observation when I started spraying was the plant immediately went into a growth spurt all the while maintaining a healthy appearance. After 13 days I’ve got hundreds of pollen sacs developing. Seems to me that this…spraying from the get go…can cut a month off the process. Not such a big deal if you’re working photos, but a big one if you’re doing autos. Here’s a marginal pic of the reversed WW and 2 rooted cuttings of a sugar black rose and “glue derivative” which may get pollinated if they are not too mature when my pollen finally materializes. Comments?


Nice im watching


May be early too expect pollen even though a few empyy sacs have plumped up and fallen off.

Pic was taken today…we’ll see what materializes.


Seems like this has taken forever…Hard to see the seeds, but the thing is pretty loaded up. The receiving plant ended up being a sub 12 inch runt.

. The plant I reversed shot up to 26inches. New to producing seed…how long should I let these go. Plant was 4 months old on 5/20. I dug a couple seeds out of the lower buds. They are dark/firm. I hope the buggers are viable!


@garrigan65 @Countryboyjvd1971 @BIGE @Nug-Bug @SmoknGranny Well, we’ve reached the end of the trail for my little reversing/seed production experiment. I’ll put them in the refrigerator for a couple months then test for viability. I have no idea how many there are…I guess I could weigh 50 then weigh the rest and extrapolate from there. Filled a 35mm film canister a little over half way.



Looking good, let us know how they smoke


Why are you waiting so long to try and grow one, is there a drying out process or something?


I believe there is a curing period but I don’t know what it is. I figure a month or 2 in a frost free fridge would stratify and cure them but it would be nice to have a definitive answer from the experts here.


What is a pony