What will I end up with if I cross breed male Gold Leaf with White Widow ( fem)?



A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

What will I end up with if I cross breed male Gold Leaf with White Widow ( fem)?


You will end up with something that’s really tasty that is one I have not mixed but it sure will be great medicine


You get White Gold.


I concur! Love to taste that one, by using a male and getting seeds, you’ll be able to grow out a bunch and pick the best pheno’s, and really hone in on the traits you like and want.
Please join the forum and start a grow journal for that, id love to follow along.


Lmfao @Daddy @Hogmaster both perfect responses lol
Id like to know how you got a male gold leaf seed tho
They only sell feminized gold leaf :thinking::thinking::thinking: lol


I’m with countryboy?

If you had a male and female white widow, what you would get would be considered an F1 hybrid. Without outside influences, you’ll see a lot of different phenotypes in F1.


Hello there @Hogmaster.

Just a quick question.

If I cross two plants with different characteristics/traits can you determine which one will dominate the traits in the resulting hybrid seed/plant?
Plant A (male) x Plant B (fem)
Plant A (fem) X Plant B (male)

I’m thinking of using Jamaican Pearl (fem) and Frisian Duck (fem) for an experiment. The idea is to use some clones from this years grow and colloidal silver to get male plants and all (XX) fem pollen to use in next years grow.

Please move this post if I’ve adversely butted in on this thread.

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a golden widow :rofl:


I’ve found the guide and articles which answered my questions.


Gold Widow lmafoe%5B1%5D

I’m just fooling around with ya. I just couldn’t help it you left your self wide open…

But really it’s going to be what ever you want to call it. and knowing the thc content helps also and CBD AND SO ON



What kind of answers did you find? It should be some seeds will show characteristics of both, some seeds will show characteristics of one or the other, and some seeds may show new characteristics.


Yes, you pretty much summed it up.

I thought maybe the process would be like mixing paint. Red/yellow will give a different shade to yellow/red but apparently not.

Apple seeds from an apple you’ve eaten will enter the same genetic lottery and mostly be resulting in a crabapple tree.

Diversity is natures game, keeping the gene pool active.

F1 - F2 inbreeding is about as far as I will go if I get a good cross.

Anyway, I only grow for my own use. If it all goes “hermie” I’ll still have enough bud for winter ;).

The new plan is to take clones early from both plants. Do the silver dance. Choose the best males that survive and harvest the pollen from each one.

Then pollenate some fem clones from the original Jamaican Pearl (fem) and Frisian Duck (fem) in different combinations.

Should be an interesting experiment while waiting for harvest day.

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Can you post link to the article please?