What will happen to this?

So I had a sprout come up from my first bag seed, it came up but the seed stuck on it so I pulled the seed off, (NOT BEING PATIENT!) then the leaves were kinda stuck together and I took tweezers to kind of separate them annndddd now it’s dead. :slight_smile: I’m wondering if I keep it watered would it try to come back some how or is it a gone’r?

On a different note patience is so important when trying to sprout.

My current germ method has been into water first, once it shows I take it out of there and put into a wet paper towl, somewhere warm and dark, then after then gets like 1/2 or 3/4 of an inch I am now moving it into the peat puck. Before right when I noticed it cracking and was showing a tail I would put it in soil and they did not seem to do nearly as well like that.

Nope its dead. start over

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Curls up into a ball and starts sobbing

I had one sprout and the shell was still on and when I was adusting my lights I hit my temp gage and knocked it over. it fell on the Lil sprout and ripped off the shell and half of one leaf ant a third if the other and it didn’t survive. SORRY for the loss,but this is all a learning process. Now when ever I play with the lights I move the gage first. LEARN from the mistakes and grow better from it.

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Is it possible for the roots to still survive without the plant being able to take in light? It won’t try growing a new sprout or anything? With as smart as these things are you would think it could bypass it but it is a sensitive stage. That sucks though. Oh well, I just wish it wasn’t my only bag seed.

I don’t think it will. honestly I’d say it’s toast. AND I think a lot of the others in here would agree with me on that.


It’s dead, believe zero, it’s dead

That happens sometimes, Next time give it a day before you try to take it off, usually it’ll come off by then, if not then you have to take it off but give it at least a day next time

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those little leaves it was born with contained the energy it needed to survive for the first few weeks… now it has no energy, no nutrients, and no way to create energy from light…lay her down to rest and plant another on top of her,…she can help fertilize the next one.

Alright, If the masters say there is no hope… I will pull the plug.

Good bye little one, I’m sorry I failed you.

The reason I leave them for a day maybe even two is because they’ll get bigger and stronger and 9 out of 10 times they pop it off themselves

…but even if not they’ll be spread more and you’ll know what to do then ? :thumbsup:

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Well, now I know what not to do. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice guys.

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Dude that was pretty severe man that was like Halloween the movie; the beheading of clone#2 (the sequel) ! Harsh! :skull_crossbones: :seedling:

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It was, it was like…

“Ok, we’re just gonna be reaall ge- Oh …!”

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