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Okay, its the end of my 3rd week in veggie and all of a sudden my plants leaves have started to hang low and not stand up like they were… Im seeing new growth still but plant seems as if its starting to ‘‘slow up’’ I make sure not to over water like most beginners do. I check my ph of my water before feeding and its between 6.4-6.6 everytime. The temperature have been the same, mainly 78 degrees but two days it got up to 80. Plant is still green and looks healthy but the hang down of the leaves and slow up is my concern. Should I be panicking or not?


Could be from to much light. What kinda light you using?


MarsHydro 300 watt…I keep it 21-24 inches above the plant since its so young… I’m going try taking it up like 2 inches and see if that helps


What kind of soil are you using?


CoCo Gro…I’ve used it before but never had this problem in the past


Ive never used coco but from what i hear its light and air rated so dense soil couldn’t be the problem… Don’t think I’m much help here sorry bud, someone will come along soon with a bit more info. Best advice i can give is fill out a support ticket so that people know exactly what your your doing and can better diagnose


Okay cool, thanks. Will do


Probably not the light but based on the soil you’re using its possible that you’re not watering enough


@Savingpvtviper thanks. I kind of assumed that soil drying out quickly could be the problem too. That’s why in the pics you can see that its wet. I thought I did all the research I could on CoCo but it tends to need water way more than any other soil I’ve used before. Again, thanks a lot


No problem


The deal here is over watering and under watering have the same appearance. So they tend to be deceiving. Check your weight of your pot. You see coco retains water so if you water every day your building up water thus over watering happens. I’m going with this as my answer.
Hold off on the watering for two or three days then water every other day.



I use Coco loco and I water every 3 days growing in smart pots I would wait 3 days let it dry then water until run off then monitor the soil with your finger knuckle deep if it’s wet don’t water. With Coco and smart pots you should water every 2-3days depending on temp and humidity.


@SeaOfGreen52 if you growing in coco your PH is to high extremely , gradually bring it down by at 2 in the next two weeks from 6.4-6.6 to 5.8 and you must judge properly in coco due to watering cause you want coco to stay moist at all times cause coco is a soulless medium which is almost growing hydroponically , which your Ph should run like hydro throughout the growing process and you will also need to add Cal-mag either each watering at 2.5 ml per gallon but I would only used a half gallon to water until she gets at least 5-6 nodes and than 3/4 quarters until she can drink a full gallon but the plant will tell you if you learn to listen to her , but I think your ph is to high for a coco medium in my experience .


@garrigan62…That’s exactly what I did. This past Monday is when I first noticed the leaves starting to hang down, so I stuck my finger down into the soil and it came out dry. Gave it 3 cups of water, ph was 6.6 and no nutes. Monitored until Wednesday to see if any change and nothing still. Waited until last night and gave it 2 more cups ph 6.4 and today still no changes…I’m going to take your advice and wait at least 3 days and see if that will help with raising my light about 2 inches


@Usmcjojo…Thanks, I’m going to let it dry out for 2-3 days and see what happens. I hope it works because I don’t want to loose it due to a mistake that could have been avoided.


@yoshi…Thanks I didn’t think that the ph was too high, I’ll lower it the next time I water and post a update


Thank you Yoshi for stepping up.
I’m a soil guy but i do try to help hydro grower’s when I can. Once again Thank you Sir

Your friend



Well you was a mentor to me early on at the beginning of the forum and I have done a full coco grow with an auto and my best results was running PH water and nutrients feeding between 5.9-6.1 . Now thru my vegging I kept it at 5.9 until after my auto started to pre-flower and doing transition I raised my PH to 6.0 and I kept it there until the forth week in flowering and Than I raise it to 6.1 and finished flowering and for the flush I did 6.2 and drop it to 6.0 by one tenth each week during the flush …hope this make sense ?


@yoshi @garrigan62 @garrigan62…Thanks again everyone for the helpful advice, it was an issue dealing with over watering & high ph

Just tied it down, too soon or okay?? I waited over a week since it recovered to do any tie down but still curious


@Usmcjojo what do you think, did I tie down too soon or is it okay? I’ve been keeping up with your Strawberry plants and seen the difference once you tied down. Not new to growing but very new to different growing methods so any advice is helpful.