What went wrong?

A question from a fellow grower:

We are growing DWC net bucket and clay pebbles, we had 10 OG and 10 Super Skunk in a 20 bucket system of 100 gallons.Blue tec tri meter PH at all time between 5.5 /6.0 water temp with chiller at 68/69PPMs never higher than 700Temp with AC 80 to 844 x Kind L600 LED lights for all plants.All had healthy roots and large stemsSuper Skunk very potent, but OG nothing at all people are returning their budsCan you explain what went wrong please.

Sorry, not enough information. But, yes it doesn’t really make sense if both strains basically got the same exact treatment, they both should have lived up to their potential.

Maybe try looking at the “the support ticket” and fill it out with any additional information that might be relevant.