What went wrong to my plants?

A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

I order i while ago the autoflowering 15 seeds pack and they all germinated within 3 days beautifully. But after the came out of the ground nothing happen i had 8 of them under a 600 mh/ hps its was hyper super really slow grow like slow motion for all of them 15. Plus i had some outdoor and the exact same thing happen ( came out of the medium and them slow motion) they were about two months old and started flowering but they were only 3 inches high.
Could it be a probleme with the seeds?
I tried everything. Though of overwatering but no. Too much heat but it was fine so i got really confuse. After the 15 seeds in the ground i have only tiny little baby flowering. Can you do something for me? Help?

What were you using for soil did you ph water? did you feed them if so how early and how often?


Doesn’t sound like the seeds. Autos can be finicky and don’t like transplant or much training. Kind of a plant em and leave them be thingy. Support ticket and grow journal is best advice i’ve got


Doesnt state if autos or photos. Need to know if 600 was used on seedlings, much more info. Support ticket would truly help

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First sentence " autoflowering 15 seeds pack" I’m guessing its the auto mix pack. I’m assuming he had 8 under 600 and the other 7 outside. Support ticket helps get the best advice. :wink:

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Oops, my bad!!

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