What went wrong during cloning


A question from a fellow grower:

I bought some seeds some did not grow but this one did…

I cloned it and had 21 babies all were great for 10 days then three died and this morning almost all of them were sick. Day 16…

What is wrong? I have them under T-5 lights they may have been too close at first but this looks like some sort of deficancy of nutrients.


Yes it does look like they didn’t root properly or are otherwise not able to be taking up proper nutrients and are deficient. What is the PH? What are the nutrients you are giving them? EC/TDS/PPM? And what is the temperature? Humidity? Are you using a humidity dome? Personally I prefer to root in a bubble cloner.


Those clones should not have been getting any nutrients yet. It looks to me like the PH is off. The rockwool looks a bit funky. Did those cubes come with a wrap, or from a slab?

Clones do not generally show roots until 10-14 days; Maybe longer.

When you cut your clones; Did you make a 45 degree cut?
Did you place them into water to keep them from developing an embolism?
Did you use a cloning gel, or root powder?

Would love to help.


there were 21 clones, at 10 days they all looked great then they started dying. the ph was about 6.8/7 yes we cut at an angle under water and used rooting hormone powder. i used a dome for the first week or more. most of them showed roots coming through the botom of the cubes which came from a slab. the cubes eventually got some green growth on the top of them

i did not moniter the temp or humidity, they sat on the kitchen counter by the window (morning sun) for about 2 weeks.
I foiler feed them with a mild solution of something my buddy gave me, Ill have to ask him the name.

I do think it was nutriant or ph related what ever went wrong. My big plant is starting to flower now so I think its too late to get more clones.
The big plant i grew in Recipe 420 soil and feed mirical grow tomato food, noe I am feeding it scotts super bloom abot 2x a week, the fan leaves are starting to yellow, it just gets tap water ph is over 8. soil tested neutral. This is a sort of warm up, my first grow in many years. I want to get into it.


I cloned my white widow when it was a week into flowering. I cut about 4 inches off, cut it in a angale, dipped it in some take root the powder, then stuck a pensal in the dirt about a inch and half and then stick the stem in the hole and press gentaly down on the dirt and then water and put it under 18/6 light cycale useing a cfl bulb for veg. Now that baby has taken root in only 7 days. Im going to leave it be for 10 days then put it in a 5 gallon bucket then put it outside with the rest. Where im from flowering begins in the secont week of aguast.


The way it kinda looks in the picture, the stems still look kinda green and the leaves are dying off so severely, I’d almost suspect the foliar spray, but I can’t be for sure. As you are unsure of the temperature and humidity and you say you saw roots, I’d think less that it is the humidity being too low if the roots were plenty wet, and maybe it was the temperature if it is not the foliar spray.

Two things about temperature and wet roots. Cannabis roots can drown or get water logged very easily, they need lots of oxygen at the roots and overwatering is one of the quickest ways to deprive them of said oxygen, the other is high temperature of the root zone as water much above 75F or about 23-24C will not hold enough oxygen in hydro mediums like rockwool.


When I clone in rockwool; I presoak the rockwool; I cut clone and poke it into the cube; I spritz with water twice a day. I do not add nutrients or anything else until I see roots protruding through the cubes. Then immeidately transplant to your hydroton; Or, other medium.