What week flower is this With pistons starting to curl in and what is the percentage rate




Ithis flower is to be a nine to ten week flower like to know how far she is in flowering and how far she hase to go. And what percentage of stigma curling in would this be?this girl is gscx Girl Scout cookies extream the way she’s getting don’t know if can even make nine weeks to flowering.


What do your trichomes look like the best way to tell if there ready if there clear its too soon you want 60-70 cloudy with some amber in there as well3bb60e0daa7539f2061e40c58580b7d9ac176eca_1_281x500


What day did you first see pistils? That is the first day of flower. Count from there…
She’s looking good!


Looks like at least 7 weeks on a 9 or 10 week strain?..as a rule of thumb harvest when 50% of the hairs have turned :tangerine: orange​:+1::ok_hand:


Maybe even closer now that I’m looking at the trichomes…u have allot of cloudy and Amber colored which means your there or pretty damn close great job!!


@Eastcoastbudd I think you were looking at @Rexx trichome picture. The buds in question are not ready yet. I don’t start checking trichomes until at least 50-75% hairs are orange/brown and curling in. I’d say you have at least a few weeks left.


Thanks very much everyone. I know every flower will not ripe at the same time but close enough to not have to worry about… one I think is stating to get Amber on The other flowers nothing yet. If I didn’t have shaken hands would at least be able to use that jewelers loop I got. Now trying to find a good loop to put on my phone so can see. After awhile with Experience I will not need but for my first like to


It’s always a good idea to harvest based on trichomes and not just on pistils. You can have a plant that looks completely done but still has clear trichomes. The only way to really tell if your plant is ready is by the trichomes. She’s a beauty and I don’t wanna see you miss out on some weight and potency.



Just Moore pictures of what iam seeing … week 10 will be in the middle of next month


They look great keep checking trichomes then dry them slowly you will have lots of work trimming and jarring in near future.


@Caveman These are looking really great…Follow the advice of the experienced growers here. Reading and learning here has certainly improved the success of my first growing attempt.

You have clearly done a great many thing correctly for these results. :+1::cowboy_hat_face:
@ReMoLu @Countryboyjvd1971 @neckNflu @Niala


Your buds look great :+1: @Caveman
Id personally say you still have a few weeks left
Pictures in natural light would be best fyi hard to see the actual color under led light
The members have given some good advice :+1:


Dum question, where are the trichomes located? On the flowers, or the white stuff around the flowers?


Not a dumb question at all! The trichomes can be on the leaves and buds! They are the little growth that starts looking like sugar on your buds.

Here’s mine at 6 weeks of flower. This girl has trichomes half way down some fan leaves!


Sweet! Six weeks after going to 12/12? That’s great. How are your trichomes? Still clear?


Yeah still mostly clear. 2-3 weeks left on that plant


Nice. How long did yours take to get flowers after going to 12/12? I’m been getting pistils for at least two weeks before I kicked in the 12/12. I happy with their growth, and hope for a good yield.


It took 4 days to start showing pistils after the flip to 12/12 on this one