What watt led light for 4×4×7


A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

What watt led light for 4×4×7


For LED lights,You need 35 to 50 watts per square foot. You have 16 sqft so you need 560 watts min. 800 watts max.

This has to be true wattage out of the wall, meaning the light would pull 560 to 800 watts if measured with a watt meter.

Do not use the equivalent wattage that the manufacture use to advertise there lights. Find the true watt draw in the description. If it is not listed then I would not buy that light because you don’t know what you are getting.

Many people in this forum have built there own light with great success.


Im currently using a 300 watt viparspectra in a tent that size. it works but i will say i wish i had just went ahead and sprung for a 600 watt or higher right from the get go.


I second what Max said.

On the bottom range of the recommended amounts (35 watts per square foot of growing space), we generally are looking at highly efficient LEDs like the Horticulture Lighting Group Quantum Boards or COB-based fixtures like the Pacific Light Concepts PLC 6.2.

For the types of LED panels you can get on Amazon or the like, we generally aim more towards the 50 watts per square foot range.


That 300 watt light is pulling 136 watts from the wall. Another 400 watts would help. From what I understand, when looking for a light, it is best to read through to see what the manufacturer says what the light is “ACTUALLY” consuming.


currency was a factor at the time. as i said. shoulda just bit the bullet and grabbed a 900 instead. turned my usual 3 month seed to harvest time, to now going on four months. I miss my mentor :cry: but on the plus side. it leaves space to grab a 600, with another 300 to widen the footprint. i kind of ghettoed it through this batch. but since i wasnt expecting alot out of this batch it allowed me to determine how the different environment i have will act. always live, and learn everday.


2 300w lights would outperform 1 600w light easily. You get more light spread and uniformity. It’s better to get a couple smaller wattage lights to make up your wattage you need, than one big light.