What watering can do ya'll use?

Searched to see what kind of cans ya’ll use for watering coco really couldn’t find much

Are there ones better than others what about watering the ones In back how do you reach

Interested in seeing some of what ya’ll have

I use gallon milk jugs. lol.


I use a sprayer. It can take longer but I find the plants get a better soaking…

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Sprayer. Sounds interesting

I have old fashioned steel can with a rain spout hard to reach the back some times

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The little red one is great for tight quarters under scrog nets and controlling amounts and location.
When I just want to flood the pot I use a tera pump

I didn’t know about the tera pump shower head

Never seen that Tera pump
Thanks I’ll have a look

I use gallon jugs that had distilled water in it

I use a 16oz beer glass.


1 gallon hand pump srayer. Makes you water slower (unless you unscrew the nozzle).

I mix my nutrients in 3 gallon containers and use this electric pump to water. It has a 8 ft hose, with shower head.

I use a 1 liter spray bottle, use the sprayer when they are young, as they grow take off sprayer, my bottle narrows at the top which will allow you to get in tight spots, under branches as needed. Hope this helped good luck

Thanks everyone

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I use this pump 10 bucks at Harbor Freight


Red solo cup……uh……huh….

I fill you up….



@ThatsNotMineOfficer i fill mine with beer lol

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Haha nice that’s what I’m talking about, crackin a cold one and hovering over my plants

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