What water routine should I take during flower



Hey guys, my plants have been in flower since January 10th, i would like to know the best way to feed and light them during this stage, all comments will be greatly appreciated.


nice looking plants for one month of flower only, great job @SupaColdNinja


Feed when lights turn on i would get ur ppms up to around 1800 ppms and i would make sure u stay on point with ur run off ph and ph going in. What kind of nutes u using? Also keep with the 12 12 light schedule. Lots of k and p


I dont know how to measure the ph, ive been using robert birgman nutrients and water, one day on one day off, but recently its been 3 days since i have wateredand the soil is still damp, and i do have it on a 12/12 light schedule.


I would get a ph meter. They are pretty cheap on amazon. Measure the ph of ur water going in and the ph of water comming out of the bottem of pots and u can adjust to where u need it.