What water is the best to use?

hi all

I have recently figured out that the local tap water is fluctuating in its water property’s. which could have a adverse effect on my baby!!! so guys im prepared to buy my water to maintain some control.

So my question is which water is best to use out of these two ( cannot afford a reverse osmosis system)
Distilled Water or Demineralised Water?

Invest in a Reverse Osmosis unit

Concerned bout water live in Delaware I know there’s chlorine and fluoride in the water I don’t even drink it was wondering bout using rain water

You could use rainwater. Make sure you collect it in a potable water reservoir.

Distilled water is best if you do not have an RO unit. However; After a week or 2, or 3…You will get sick of dragging distilled water around, much less paying for it.

A Reverse Osmosis water filter can be had off ebay for under 100 bucks, and will provide you with excellent water for your plants, and drinking water, for years to come. :slight_smile:

I always use distilled water. Nothing at all in it and easy to adjust PH If needed. Here in Florida it’s a buck a gal.IMHO a gallon goes a long way, even indoor grow.

Thks Russ1 might take that route

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I hope you are only growing a plant or 2 in soil. In hydro; You would spend a fortune. Petrol included.

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