What types of medical marijuana strain do we use to heal ourself?



My name is Dr. Robin . In 1972 when i started smoking weed i thought it was a very bad thing i was doing because my mum and my dad were often enraged against me till when i started developing much interest on weed where i decided to study medical marijuana. to the best of my knowledge and as a professional in the field, the best medical marijuana strains comes from Sativa and Indica and the type to be used differs from what you are suffering from. Never you run the risk of taking medical marijuana and alcohol at the sameā€¦if you do,you are causing more harm to your health and no improvement will show up despite the medial marijuana you are taking to HEAL YOUR HEALTH. It will be like your are fetching water in a basket.


Good morning from texas. Welcome to forum! Unfortunately im not sure what you are asking. I use indicas for appetite. My husband has stomache problems & a lung that hurts alot & so far crystal strain has helped us both. High in tch & cbds. Shes a 60-40 hybrid.


I have been suffering for 4 years, thanks to my friend mark who directed me to his friend and he solve my cancer problem with his oil and buds .Am very fine now i do talk with him )from tine to time at times he prefer you email him hit him now and solve your own problem.