What type of yield could i honestly expect from?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thank

I recently started grow operation i live out in Northern Cal and running a 4x5 tent with 5 clones in it. We have a 1000w hps with balance that allows us to run it 60 to 75 percent. We keep temp no hotter than 78 degrees humidity is good. These plants have stretched out so much just in two weeks we started these April 29th really wanna go 4-5 weeks of veg before we start flowering. What type of yield could i honestly expect from all 5? How can i enhance the yield from here? How often wld you say feed them. Attached is the pics

Are you doing any training on the plants? LST, scrog, topping ect? That will all determine yield in the end.

Isn’t the standard answer something like 453.592 grams?

Let’s face it, there’s far too many variables to be able to look at a pic and say “that much”

Well with you running the hps during veg the plants will stretch more than veggin under metal halide.
The hps is normally used for flower the red spectrum is better for budding.
You can still veg under hps as you can see it will only cause elongated nodes.
Feeding depends on what nutes line your using. Could be 1 or 2 times a week in soil
As for yeild , to many variables. But with enough veg time and training 1-4 Oz per plant is obtainable.
Experienced Growers could pull more, but like I say it all depends on the conditions


What nutrients are you using? I see a possible phosphorus deficiency coming on to one of them could be very wrong but I’m just going off experience. That would in the long run make your yield much smaller.

What strain? What do the breeders say?

We are going to start either netting or tie down branches to spread it all out to train it more. As for nutrients we are using all the tupical nutrients you see that come with the fox farm soil recommendations. Just gave them their first dose of magnesuim to get the purple out of branches really have helped lot feeding them a really good makeral mox with nitrogen. I asked about the HPS vs the LED at the hydro store everyone looked at me crazy asking about LED they all said HPS was best. Plan to take them out of Veg stage in 2-3 weeks.

Sour Disel
Choc hashberry
Blueberry muffin
Gorilla glue

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And what did the breeders give you as estimated yields?

Didnt get really an answer, I got them two weeks ago as maybe 4-6 inch baby clones. This what they have grown to.

So you’re in for 5 surprises. :grinning:. You can Google your specific strains to try to find an estimated yield. That’d be more accurate than our guesses.

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Lol I know i have been on google so much looking for possbibly estimations only thing i keep finding is a gram per watt but wasnt sure if that was per plants or as a whole. I really feel like they are going to yield strong we take good care of them i got an experienced grower helping me. Temps and numbers perfect been 72-80 degrees full time giving them 18hrs of light 6 off

When you see that, that’s per light generally based on light itself in properly sized area that has full canopy. A really good grower can usually get gram per watt under 600 watt hps in full 4x4. 1000w generally not as efficient as 600, but people still claim to do it. As already stated, lots of factors to get there. But usually doesn’t matter as much whether it would be 1 plant scrog to 4x4, 4 plants trained to fill 4x4, or a butt load of plants in sog, as long as it’s full. The area and ability to excite photosynthesis to appropriate levels will have the most impact on what you yield.

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Humidity how can i get that out tho during night here in Northern Cal it gets cool and the tent still has heat in it from light making tent wet inside with the cords in there obviously not safe how can i get that out. I read sand helps

Also with good LED, you can easily get the same yield as a 1000w HPS with around 700-800w of LED, but it has to be a good LED known to deliver.

airflow will drop your humidity… but be careful because it will also drop the temperature. if a fan doesnt do the trick get a dehumidifier…
i didnt notice a fan in your picks, they are important…strengthens the stalk, reduces chances for mold infection, helps with temperature control


I grew one Northern Lights plant under 400 watt HPS and got 7 ounces dry weight. I was 44" tall, which just fit in my grow chamber. It really depends on light, water, nutes, and how long you let it veg. I’m sure I could have got a lot more if I had the space to let it veg longer.

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