What type of weed did first smoke


Everyone has to start somewhere, what was the first weed you smoked?
For me it was Colombian Gold followed closely by " homegrown" from some Nam seeds brought back by a Vet.


First I smoked was some dirt weed that we got ahold of,now about 6 month after I started,got some lime green with some $ire red hairs. Tasted piney,with a Lil skunk,but bruh, it nicked my head off.
My buddy dropped me off at home and my mom instantly knew.
Long story but it was some kill kill


BS Bag Seed 1974 Everything around my hometown was called Acapulco Gold. Full of seeds. Got the job done!


The first weed I smoked was marijuana . . . in High School. Been smoking it on and off ever since! :wink:


So honestly, . . . like most people, I have no idea what strains I’ve consumed over the years. That started to change a few years ago with medical marijuana. But I don’t have a card, so usually I’m in the dark. That’s part of the appeal of legalization.


Some ol reggy brown brick from Mexico it was funny because my dad had came out when me and my friends were smoking after the 2nd joint dad came out said let me see that took a hit and threw it off the deck we where like crap trouble he started laughing and gave us the smallest j I had seen well it was skunk #1 the original we did not know what getting high was till ol man said you each take one hit and o yeah it was on after that I was 14 15years old


That is an apt description of my intro and the same year. Mostly 4 finger Mexican $10 baggies you had to separate the seeds out of.


About 1976 we started to see the sansemilla show up, along with a bunch of other varieties. Some pure strain Indicus that was tasty but full of seeds too.


About 4 years ago, got it from my younger brother… haze. Wife has a video of me tripping out and laying on the floor hugging my dog.


When I started there were no names just how many fingers is was. Four fingers $10.00


Iam going to say around 74 75 was smoking old gold and good old red bud then the green pine with red hair started to show up this was in Mississippi


same here. everything was seedy “dirt weed” in1977. when i got to college a year later i learned about “sinsimellia” and tie stick and afgan and hash and on and on.


Ohhhh, Thai Stick! My brother and I were talking about that not long ago lol.


I wonder if we could grow some? Is it treated with something? I remember people said it was but could have been exageration


It was said to be some insecticide or something like that can’t remember what they called it but dam that was a long time ago


Some stuff my high school buddy got off an older kid, some kind of seedy Mexican brick, I’m sure! :wink:


When I started smoking Fred Flintstone was selling three finger bags for $15 which was a lid. If you got four fingers you received an ounce, no scale needed. Then Panama Red came around and the price jumped sky high to $60 an ounce. I said that had better be some good stuff for that much money. The weed was great but made you cough your lungs out.


My first smoke ,was some purple head that had you hallucinating I smoke that for around 6 years as a friend of mine grew it hundreds of pounds at a time and it was 4 fingers $30, $700 a pound, I started dealing this stuff and would move up to 7 lbs a day ,loved those days


The first time i smoked was lebanese blond hash 1975 then i learned how to grow still truckin 40+ years later. Im getting old so im trying this indoor thing now that i wont lose my house if caught.