What type of water source for organic soil?

I cannot find anything anywhere. Please direct me to where I can find or tell me what is best for the following…
I will be growing two autoflowers indoors, blue dream and amnesia haze, in the fabric aerated 3gal pots. I will be using Happy Frog organic soil.

What type of water is best for organic soil? All I see is that “when using organic soil, pH is not an issue,” but what does that mean for the water used? Is distilled water best for organic soil? My tap water has chloramine and I have read that unless filtered out it would not be good.
My apologies for my ignorance but I have exhausted my research in the matter. Help!


I have always used my tap water with out issue. Distilled has nothing in it. No minerals or anything else neither does RO neither does britta. Plants have needs / minerals. Never had issues with tap, no matter what water you choose what your PH.


You can use the tap water as long as it’s decent water within 5.5 and 7.5 ph and a ppm under 400 with a carbon inline filter or use something like vitamin C to neutralize the chlorine. I don’t recommend using ro or distilled water for any grow unless you add the stuff you took out before using it


I use tap water i put a air pump in the bucket let i bubble away for a few hours and then i water my plants

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My tap water is chlorinated with a ph of 7.9 and tds of almost 600 ppm so I had to install an ro system but I mix the ro water back with the tap water 50/50 brings the ppm down to 300 then to reduce the ph a little I use a tiny amount of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) which neutralizes the chloramine and drops the ph to under 7

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Aha ok we are on tank water but if ur doin organics the beneficial bacteria should take care of ph anyway but i always ph my water to 6.7

Oh yeah 100% organic living soil now I know what gets my water in the good range I haven’t checked the ph in months now. In my last house I just ran a simple inline filter on my water hose and watered straight from the hose but the water here is just way to far off to do that

Welcome to the community tap water should be fine.

I find the organics is the way to go less problems

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I was using Nectar of the Gods nute line previously, and just switched to an organic build a soil recipe. Im about 2 weeks from 1st harvest but let me say the difference in EASE is night and day!!! Way easier system with the super soil. No nutrient mixing, just straight water. I have an RO system but it aint working right at the moment (need to take a look), but i’ve since switched to tap water without issue.

I usually PH water prior to watering, however I skipped it a few times without any issues which i was extremely happy with. With the NOTG nutes, i would have to deal with over feeding, under feeding, and balancing Ph properly. My tap water is around 7.1 ph i believe.

I’m very interested in how the terpes come out with this batch, but planning to double my soil build for next summer.

I think what you may have misinterpreted is Mother Nature takes care of PH outdoors rather than just in organic or regular dirt soil
Indoors I believe is a much different story and especially if ypu are a hydroponic grower

I used tap water and left it outside for a day or two before using it which naturally raises the Ph So I was ph’ing my water too

Mother Nature doesn’t make sure your plants water is at 7 or 5.8 or whatever and I honestly don’t believe it’s much concern outdoors growing in the sun …unless you over feed water and nutrients in which case can cause ph issues

And my bad I missed ypu are going indoors in which case I’d measure ph in and out …

I grow indoors and don’t ph my water it’s not necessary when you are growing in living soil as long as it’s decent enough water I can’t use my tap water straight but once I got it within range I haven’t checked it since

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I use tap water and just set it on the floor in jugs without lids to declorinate. Works well but my water at tap 7.3. After 24 hrs or so the ph raises to 8.5 I was told water companies add co2 to the water supply to lower ph to help protect the pipes and lines. When the chlorine gases escape so does the co2. Bubbling it is worse. If I don’t bubble it my Jack’s 3,2,1 lowers to 6.5 so it works out. But that’s why I was told ph raises in sitting tap water

I grow in HF which also buffers ph usually to 5.8 or 5.9 when I add 6.5 ph water

There’s alot of different opinions on the best ph for cannibus, but im guessing it varies from strain to strain

I use tank water i dont ph mine either

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I think everyone missed the fact he said his water has chloramine which probably should be taken care of. Especially in a living soil I would think. Im not sure. @Covertgrower @HippieRunner yall got any advice?

The question was answered :thinking: the guy asked the question and didn’t come back or got the answer he needed and left

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Yeah I guess your right just seemed to me that everyone missed the fact he said he had chloramine but oh well :man_shrugging:t3:

We decided to use the water from our brewery filter system, 6.9 pH, 78 ppm, which also filters out the chloramine.
The seedlings are starting to shed the seed shell and showing their cotyledons. I started germination late Tuesday, 4.5 days ago. I know they’ll be fine for their first 2-3 weeks. Will continue to monitor.
Thanks everyone, and will continue to accept advice and tips!

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That sounds great @DirtyHobo with the ppm that low you might need to get some calmag to add in some of the important minerals. Keep us updated with some pictures I like watching plants doing that thing… good luck :+1:

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