What type of plant/strain

Hi, I’m growing under my verandah and I just wanted to know if anyone could tell me what type/strain this plant is I’m growing. It is in the flowering phase from what I have read. First time grower. I just got the seeds from a friend without any idea what sort they were.
Thanks in advance.

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Tzz that’s going to be a hard one to call , more details once flowers smells colors etc , even then it’s going to be hard, enjoy your harvest

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About all you can do at this point, is rub the stems a little bit and sniff your fingers, that will give you an idea of how they are going smell.

You will have a better idea in a few more weeks. How old is she now?

Yeah it was a stab in the dark Thx :blush:

I think about 4 months old, I have two growing, my other is about a foot taller but the same leave type. leaves smell alright but I have no idea lol.
Thx for your help :blush::blush:
I’ll wait for a bit longer and then post a picture a little later thx again :blush: