What type of nutes are you using?


I would love that when you do @Johnzy81


The NYC Diesel is also a autoflowering strain :wink:beside the Sticky Beast


Your are going to be keeping yourself busy @M4ur tag me when you start a thread or maybe just an idea with could try and put an interesting and Educational one just an idea :bulb: buddy I know I it be a little difficult for you sometimes.


Everyday is difficult for me whitout my meds… I try to keep myself busy and I have good feelings about my future harvest… Thx buddy for your help @Johnzy81


Your welcome buddy :+1:, but on we go tho I like to keep busy too when I can lots more fun to have yet :v:️.


Bad news @Johnzy81… 1 of the 3 plants was a hermaphrodite one so I think it was spreading the pollen between the other two… I eliminated the problem but I think it was too late because I saw a lot of pollen on a leave…
I accepted my mistake and I move forward and I will continue to grow the other 2 but definitely them will end to have a lot of seeds (not a fully bad thing because I will give them a try outdoor&willd)…
Sadly I will end whit poor THC weed…
No matter what type of mj I will end it, it will be a win win situation :wink:… I will tag you againe when I will start the new seeds (that I ordered from internet)
I hope you are doing well and please not forget to tag me when you are starting a journal whit your new grow :+1::+1::+1::+1:


Awh man what a shity thing to have happened @M4ur I’m really ragging for you I know as you said something is better than nothing but I really hope the this would off turned out well for you, ok buddy on we go I have started writing down on paper all my notes so far and have been taking my photo’s so very soon I will be ready to start what I hope some good interesting things about the grow. :v:️My friend :+1:


Just start that @Johnzy81 lol… You don’t need to write everything, just the important steps if you want…
If you want I can tag you in my first (the first one) thread and there you can see how everything was started :joy:… Just move along with your grow and people will follow you if they see something that they want to see :wink:
And I’m happy with what I have because for now is ok for me, no matter that will be a bad weed… Is a lesson for me to not grow inside the bad seeds (bag of seeds :joy:) :+1::+1::+1:


OK mate will take this journey on the road and getting moving and looking forward to this for sure exciting times ahead mate :v:️.


For me to buddy I just want to follow you and learn from your experience :+1:, hopefully I will be able to start a new journal after I will finish my grow space (it’s a old project and I was to busy to finish that). I’m very excited :wink::+1:


Thank you mate that really means alot :v:️:+1::v:


What is new my friend? No pressure bro but I wait for you to tag me when you start the journal :wink:


Hahaha @M4ur I’m going to jump in very soon. I just received one more tent for a big bushy Indica by herself I couldn’t just go forward without putting one down lol :joy:, with the auto’s and there is going to be 5 off them mate 2 GG#4, 2 SweetBerry Cough and, 1 Super Skunk. The genetics of The SweetBerry Cough is BlackBerry and Afgani should be nice. I will need all help you can offer me buddy I have never LST auto’s I will definitely given @Hogmaster a shout when I get started for sure I have seen the experience that is there for us definitely when it comes to the LST training :v:️.


OMG buddy you will need another pair of hands :open_hands: to help you out with 5 big girls when them will start to flower :joy::+1:.
I can help you with some suggestions when you start LST the autoflowering strain :wink:. I LST my ak47 auto in the past and I ended with a pretty good harvest for my second grow. More than 20 big tops but I get this amount because I fimm her a lot… 120 long days from seed to harvest


Yeah that’s the only reason I’m thinking just LST on the auto’s and for the hole experience off course just putting things together here and off we will go mate :v:️ thanks for been there @M4ur your a ture Trooper buddy.


@Alton66 I love my house and garden. I use coco a&b, nitro, bud xl, top booster and root accelerator gold. Absolutely love it. But I was curious about the armor si for the silica. What’s your take? I now obviously you like it or you wouldn’t use it. But is it “alright, but the price works” or “just worth it. Great product”


Fox Farm Dirty Dozen
Ocean Forest Soil
Mammoth P
Cal Mag
PH to 6
Recharge (amazing!)
Feed, Feed, Feed, Recharge


Did you notice anything worthwhile?