What type of deficiency is this?

I have not fed these plants any nutes all though I do own the fox farm nutes. What seems to be the problem??

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That plant is starving and may die if it’s not remedied.

So add nutes? What type?

What kind of soil and what is your pH?

Fill out a support ticket, that will give folks a better understanding of what we are looking at so you can get the best advice from a great bunch of expert growers (well, not me, but all of the others LOL).

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@merlin44 My ph was changed to 6 about 2 weeks ago when I got ph. Up and down and it’s miracle gro😬 I have happy frog coming in tmr for my seedlings!

Without more information, I would say that they are starving due to pH lockout, your pH should be between 6.3 and 6.8 in soil with the sweet spot being 6.5. What was your pH before it was changed to 6? How are you measuring pH?

The two prong devices and the drops/strips are not accurate enough to use when growing.

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Do u recommend to add any nutes? I’ve been told Miracle Gro can last to flowering witch is why I haven’t added any but this looks like a deficiency

My ph was 8 before I got ph up and down :grimacing:

Can’t answer, no experience with Miracle Grow.
There are a few folks using MG, I just don’t recall who they are.
@holmes @MattyBear Do you know who is using MG?

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I must say the 6 is a lot better than 8 but still too low.

@merlin44 So u recommend going up to 6.5?and next time I water should I add big bloom to all the plants. I also have a plant that is older than those 3 that is having no problems so idk why those are fluctuating

What’s the pH of the water runoff?

I wouldn’t add nutes just yet.

I’m assuming a major part of your problem is the mg soil. You can’t just flush mg soil to remove salts/nutes.


The fact that you are in Miracle Grow soil puts me completely in the dark.

That said, the pH being out of range will certainly make nutrients that my be present unavailable for the plant to use. Hopefully someone with more experience will step in with some great advice for you.
@Covertgrower @elheffe702 @Somebody that knows stuff LOL


Does the soil have feeding pellets


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@Kenken No it doesn’t. It has time release fertilizer but I’ve flushed that soil so many times awhile ago thier shouldn’t be much left

Same thing change the soil i lost a plant from that soil that’s y I’m Hydro now

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I highly doubt you’ve flushed it all out. That’s why cultivators of cannabis avoid mg and other time release soils

Do you have a pH meter or tds/ppm meter? An accurate measurement of your runoff will show whether it’s flushed or not.

If you can I’d change the soil.


I’ve have 3 plants in it in 5 gal fabric pots each. Thiers not way I could take the plants out of it without destroying the roots because there no where close to being root bound. Ig it’s a learning lesson my 2 seedlings should be happy in happy frog