What two of deficiency is this?

I have not added any nutrients to these plants yet but I do have all the Fox farm products? What seems to be the problem?

Where to begin? Top those things and make them fill out!

Add nutrients ! What soil are you using? What was your base starting point of npk ?

What’s your water? Ph ? What’s inside of it? Mine has high nitrate levels so I personally only add small portions of nitrogen to the mix.

If you don’t know what your putting into your plants how can you ever know what you’ll get out?

Have u been ph 'ing ur water?

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@NJ49ersFan. It’s miracle gro. I have starting Ph’ing my water about 3 weeks ago when I got ph up and down along with Fox farm nutes(that I had not used on any plants yet) so I got paranoid and ordered happy frog and I filled 3 1 gallon pots and I started 4 new needs in jiffy seed starting mix, plants haven’t seemed to worsen, and I have also topped 3 of the 4 plants, I also haven’t been able to tell the sex do u think u can help with that, also I bought all purpose potting mix to top off the rest of the pots!

Your problem is the miracle grow .its no good for growing bud. I use fox farm products and soil as well.

Are they clones or from seed?

Is this one or two plants?

Those are 2 plants @Jbum
@Skydiver And seeds

Why did you do two in one pot?

I didn’t know I put 2 seeds in thier it surprised me when I noticed so I just went with it

are they female tho?

I’m not a :100: sure. Maybe tag a pro in here they would know.

To young for me to tell their sex.

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