What to smoke our buds

The wife has been eating what I make but she/we are ready to do a toke or two of our work :smiley:

I have made pipes from coke cans but ready up the delivery system a bit.

So wondering, a glass one hitter pipe? Small Bong? Maybe both. Metal pipe? Longer pipe? shorter pipe? Anything new we do not know about?

Going to smoke cured bud.


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Can’t go wrong with a glass water bongo :laughing:


An herbal vaporizer is an excellent mode of ingestion, IMO. I’ve been using a PAX II since they came out and I love it. I’ll smoke if it’s a question of convenience, but compared to vaporized herb, smoking leaves a lot to be desired.

The simplest cheap option is to pick up rolling papers. If you can’t roll, watch a video. If you still can’t figure it out, rolling machines are about $7, or you can buy cones.


If you are going the rolling jays route, you will need some papers. Single size is nice for solo smoke breaks but if you are planning on smoking jays together, King size papers and king rolling machine are a nice option for sharing. I suggest you get some paper filters and a tray as well.

I agree with @KeystoneCops on vaporizer. I chose a volcano with a nice large blimp bag. Again, another great way to share the experience.

As far as pipes, I would chose glass over metal. IMO.